View Full Version : Southbounder Sundae Surprise!

TJ aka Teej
05-24-2007, 17:08
I heard from Jamie of the AT Lodge in Millinocket a few days back:
They've already hosted ATers, the Cafe has been remodeled with an AT theme - and in the footsteps of The Half Gallon Challenge and the Vermonster it's the Summit Sundae!! 14 Scoops (GAMErs will know why "14"!) scoops of ice creme, bananas :banana :banana , candy, homemade doughnuts, whipped cream, and - naturally - a cherry on top!
Jamie tells me that Jolly Roger ate the first Summit Sundae on 5/12/07 in the time 39 minutes/20 sec.

There's no way any MEGA will hold that record by the end of the season! Of course, we know they'll try!

05-24-2007, 18:03
If any MEGA could even approach the record before starting his or her hike...I shudder to think what they could snarf down five months later!!!


Just a Hiker
05-24-2007, 18:21
Hey guys! We SOBO'S can put down some chow! What are the rules on throwing up after I'm finished. I'll be in Millinocket June 2nd, so this is tempting. Can I substitute more donuts instead of the bananas?
Sounds like a great new AT tradition! Take care!

Just Jim

hammock engineer
05-24-2007, 19:09
Great now I have to do it. That should get the ice cream out of my system for awhile.

05-24-2007, 19:26
While Jolly Roger was snuffin' down that "summit sundae", "OZ" from Lincolnville Maine was stompin' down the AT from Abol Bridge towards Georgia faster than likitysplit double scoop mint chocolate chip. He crossed the Kennebec Ferry Monday May 21 surfing a cool 20,000 cfs piling down from Maine's vast mountainous regions giving the last rites to another long cold winter up here in the big country. Well, it's time to put your woolies away and take to the AT cause there is no better time to be in the Maine Woods. Best to all this Memorial Day Weekend! Steve the canoe guy:sun

10-17-2007, 21:16
Steve is the man!! One of my most memeroable days was meeting you.

On the Summit Sundae Challenge. That is a beast. Ghetto and I did that on our summit day. Big scoops and lots of pie and fluff and chocolate and everything else. May I suggest a cup of coffee or hot chocolate to keep your tempurature up while consuming the most ice-cream in one sitting you might ever encounter.

Also mad props to the Appalachian Trail Lodge and Cafe - great owners and a great place.


10-17-2007, 21:18
Wow! That's a beautiful thing!

10-17-2007, 21:20
Seems to me Southbounders should only get one scoop!

10-19-2007, 22:54
I'm sure going to throw my hat in the ring next June before starting my thru. I'm pretty much going to be dieting from now until then and working out to get in shape. I'll be ready for some ice cream. I bet I can do it in less than 30 minutes.