View Full Version : Lion King needs a ride

Crazy Larry #1
05-26-2007, 11:44
Lion King is staying with me and is seeking a ride to Harpers Ferry.

If anyone is passing by Damascus and heading that way, give me a call at 276-475-3470

Lion King
05-26-2007, 12:15
Thanks, I figure I will hike/hitch to get there if no one is heading there, as I have about 12 days give or take to get my camera back, then to start the ADT in DElaware---which I can get to from Harpers Ferry VIA train.

But hey, Ill be here at least another day.

Just got a massage in Damascus...I recommend it highly, the new Massage place---1 hour--with hot stones and some kind of hand and feet wax---for $35...wow.

I need a nap...