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05-29-2007, 22:29
Coming in late here on the whole post-Trail days, thing, I know. But I just got home, so I've got an excuse (had internet access at Miss J's, but didn't want to compromise my trip by getting involved in online silliness).


Thank you Damascus. Thank you to the folks who volunteered to get the camping area ready for us. Thank you Local and the rest of the committee for your time and dedication. Thank you to the Damascus police and the law enforcement men from other agencies who once again walked that fine tightrope of protect and serve.

Thanks also to the locals I met for the first time and those who gave me a big hug and a "welcome back." Richard the Can Man -- well met again. I'll always point you in the right direction and help you sort through the mess. Same goes for the guys post-TD with the truck -- I'll do it again, but I'll bring gloves. And just to ruin a reputation -- Lonewolf's a big softie. Tony, you're the man. Literally.

Hey, you know, bad things happen everywhere. The difference is, in Damascus, folks give a crap. Overall, despite the savaging of my tent and one or two other minor bad points, I felt the weekend was a success.

Highlights: the tiger trapping of Jack's tent, the Useless Gear Contest (thanks to all those who participated, watched, and donated!), seeing R3D's daughter Cassy, Blister's slideshow (excellent, but probably would have benefitted from more me), Lion King's movie, Paparazzi's ridiculously early showing of his film, Karaoke at Dot's, togas!, the invasion of Mala's area by Blue Blazers, and roping one or two long lost souls back into ALDHA (you know who you are).

Post TD, I was up on Beauty Spot, down at Miss J's (for a last supper of sorts), a night at Overmountain Shelter, a pilgrimage to 19E road crossing (the birthplace of the Bills. . .), Buck Mountain, Kincora, Damascus again, Dismal Falls, Waynesboro, Harpers Ferry, and then, tragically, home.

Had much fun, camaraderie, and laughs, abused my poor little truck on bad, bad roads; got lost numerous times, got some serious cuddle time in, helped out some folks, wore a silly outfit, hiked, told a few, heard more, got hugs and shed a few tears, and managed to even squeeze in a shower once.

My thanks again to all -- there are plenty of folks desperately hoping to be Cassandra out there, but there's only one Damascus. Okay, that's not strictly true. But you know what I mean.

05-29-2007, 22:45
And just to ruin a reputation -- Lonewolf's a big softie.

How dare you....

tell the truth like that. :D


05-29-2007, 23:05
Hey Jester... Empty out your mailbox or call me.

Anyhow, after missing Trail Days for the last 2 years (out on the PCT last year, and at a old old friend's wedding in '05), it was good to be back. It was so much fun to see everyone and just hang out. Blister's program was great, Dot's was just as I remember, Lion King's PCT movie would have been even better if I was in it a bit more, and wandering thru tent city was great. I heard (or at least read) that there were some problems, but I missed all of them when I was there live and in person.
Just thinking about it is inspiring me to have a sip from the jar of spring water that I brought home from Damascus.
Thanks to all who make it happen, and a cold rain storm to the naysayers and trouble makers.

Lion King
05-30-2007, 13:18
thanks for the ride to Waynesboro...oddly enough, I got my tooth removed yesterday....it must have been the rain or something...after that bumper to bumper thing, everything went crazy....Damn McDonalds parking olot all to hell...

great night at Dismall Falls though, thanks again See ya soon.

Lone Wolf
05-30-2007, 13:34
Damascus is quiet. Although Baltimore Jack, Bfitz and friends have been here since yesterday.

The Scribe
05-30-2007, 14:12
Jester, thanks for posting that. All i can say is:


I wonder what that town is like the other 363 or whatever days a year.

Thanks Damsacus!!

Jack Tarlin
05-30-2007, 14:32
Actually, Damascus is quiet despite our presence........and we're not even camping in town!

Anyway, great to be back here, thanks to Jester for a great post, and thanks again to all the folks in Damascus who've been wonderful to hikers for so many years.

Uncle Silly
05-30-2007, 15:13
Jack, where are y'all hanging out?

Jack Tarlin
05-30-2007, 15:17
In town all day today; camping on the Trail somewhere North of town tonight; in all likelihood, heading about 65 miles North of here tomorrow (Partnership Shelter maybe) with friends and hiking South back here to retrieve vehicle; will be back here in 4-5 days or so. Come find us if you like.
Lone Wolf knows where we'll be tonight if you want to join us.)

Frolicking Dinosaurs
05-30-2007, 15:24
Good to see you Jack. How is your knee doing? You looked fantastic at TD.