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09-28-2003, 23:10
I am planning a section hike from Bromley Mtn to the VT/Mass line. I will do this in two separate sections due to restrictions in time. My plan is to go SOBO from Bromley for about 3-1/2 days in late Oct, then do the rest on Thanksgiving weekend plus 3 days.
Considering the onset of winter in the Greens, I think a SOBO hike leading me out of the higher mountains is the best choice.

I don't have a hiking partner, so would need shuttle transportation from my exit point to my vehicle. I have the guide to the AT for VT/NH, which gives a pretty good description of the trail and access points. But I am sure that someone here has done this section and can give me even better info for transportation back to my vehicle.

All together I would be hiking 62 miles and have about 9 days to do it. That doesn't sound too bad. But of course I could always bail if I can't do it in time (or take an extra day off... imagine calling in to work sick because I have one more day of hiking that I just have to get in...)

09-29-2003, 07:57
If you need a car shuttle, then get the shuttle list from ATC. Also, suggest that you contact Green Mountain Club for shuttles.

At that time of year, north or south is no big deal. It it snowing on Bromley, it will be snowing on other mountains further south as well, including Stratton and Glastenbury.

Days will be short in late October and late November.

09-29-2003, 22:10
I've got a much better idea:

Instead of making this a 2 part section hike, I'll do it all on the same trip, but extend that trip.
I will take a bus from NYC to Williamstown MA day after Thanksgiving.

Start in N. Adams and hike until I get to US4 in Killington. From there, I can easily get to Rutland where I can take either bus or train back home.

This would be better, since I can take the entire week after Thanksgiving off and thus have 9 whole days in which to complete the section.
If for any reason I decide to bail, I should be able to get to a town, a motel, and a bus home.

I will probably need snowshoes for this trip :)

This is a prerequisite for a possible thru-hike starting in March.
I need to get some long hikes in before then. This might be my best chance.

09-30-2003, 09:18
yeah your definately gonna need winter gear in the greens in late october/november. This area can definately be hit with a snow storm at this time of year and extremely cold temps. Might not be the best section to start on. Why not do a NY section of the trail. You were talking about needing public transportation. This is a more gentle section with less elevation. If you need help i can assist with planning, public trans options and trail info. Send me a line or just post here.

max patch
09-30-2003, 09:49
Originally posted by fwassner
I will take a bus from NYC to Williamstown MA day after Thanksgiving. Start in N. Adams and hike until I get to US4 in Killington.

If you are taking the bus to Williamstown you have another option. Rather than going to N. Adams you can eaily walk from the bus station in Williamstown to the Pine Cobble Trail. This is a 1.9 mile trail that links up with the AT 1 mile south of the MA-VT border.

09-30-2003, 22:09
Max Patch;
Thanks for the info on the Pine Cobble trail. My map (the ATC mapset for NH/VT) shows it but it's almost lost amongst the topo lines.

I'll consider a NY section. I prefer VT, but of course the elevation will kill me. I always seem to set my goals too high (literally).