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09-29-2003, 11:35
It's another one of those numerous times when the southern Appalachians rival northern New England in cool fall temperatures....

At a little before 11:00 AM it was still 32 degrees on Beech Mtn. On nearby Roan High Knob, 1,200 feet higher, it could easily have been in the upper 20's at the same time. It looks like Roan will remain mostly in the 30's for daytime temps and 20's at night for all of this week. Some snow up there wednesday would not be surprising. Here is part of the forecast notes from averyweather.com:

"Cold and colder is the story. Temperatures this morning reached the freezing mark at Fred's on Beech Mountain. They will struggle to get above 40 today. Tonight as winds die down, valley frost is possible. The leading edge of even colder air arrives Wednesday. Thursday will feel like early November instead of early October with frost/freeze possible over the entire region."

Mt Leconte will be an interesting station to watch this week (where it's aleady been in the 30's every morning lately, and reached 24 earlier this morning):

Other NC Mtn sites including Beech and Mitchell:

Beech Mtn daily and extended forecast discussion:


09-29-2003, 14:28
Thanks for the report. Me and some friends are planning a section hike in the Roan valley Highlands in about 2 weeks, so I'll have to keep an eye on the temps. Was hoping to take my lighter 40F bag, but I may want to re-think that now..

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