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09-29-2003, 13:07
Since I will be in late Fri, does anyone know if I can still get in at Storr's?? The info I found said gate closed at dusk. I assume that is 7-8 up there? Anyone veteran Gatherers with info... thanks. Sorry to post a new thread here- I couldn't find the original thread- and Pappa Bear didn't want it on his thread
Thanks for any help, info, etc

TJ aka Teej
09-29-2003, 13:53
No worries, the gate will be open all weekend.
The Gathering page on www.aldha.org has been updated, btw!

Papa Bear
09-29-2003, 14:37
I would guess they have to keep it open late since most folks will be on the campus for slide shows, chit-chat and whatever and then drive back to Storrs late (for a campfire, one hopes).

Just remember that registration is at the campsite till 5:00 PM and then it moves to Alumni Hall on the campus.