View Full Version : 3rd Annual "Captain's Big Time Trail Magic"

06-04-2007, 17:46
Well it is over...only one tent left in my yard.....the 3rd Annual "Captain's Big Time Trail Magic" was a great.... held on 6-2-07 the count was 51 Hikers...11 tents in my yard friday night 34 saturday.....thanks to my hiking friends: lead dog, mother hen, grayhound, wrong way larry, handsome harry, co-captain, bonnie and my family.....
Mike DeHart
The Captain
oh yea the mice at my house are fussing not a morsel left anywhere

06-08-2007, 08:03
let me just say, wow. This was an incredible time with a lot of fun people!

My hiking buddies and I showed up in the afternoon on Friday, before the Captain had even returned home... unsure of ourselves, we putzed around on his lawn and played with his dog until he drove up with a TREMENDOUS amount of food.

From there, it was nothing but great food, good times, and unbelievable hospitality. The Captain even let a bunch of us stay for extra time to wait out the remains of tropical storm Barry!

It was great to take a break, swim in the creek, and catch a couple of baseball games. Thanks a TON from all of us!!

Bigby (the hammock-hanging Red Sox fan)