View Full Version : How to Waterproof Hiking Boots

06-08-2007, 18:02
One way to do it is spraying a water repellent like Jig-A-Loo on the boot before heading out on a long hike, its easy to do and can make life so much nicer on a rainy hike. They sell it all over at Wal-Mart, Home Depot and online at www.jigaloo.com (http://www.jigaloo.com/)

06-08-2007, 18:15
im waterproof. nothin gets in . ever.

Darwin again
06-10-2007, 12:19
No water proofee sneakie sneakie. Feet to breathe then without blister in heat and water. No water proofee, no booty, no blister. Just sneakie sneakies.