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06-09-2007, 23:43
Just got my new tent in the mail! I know it's kinda sad, but I just couldn't help but post about it... Mountain Hardware PCT 2, i had to go big because i sometimes get claustrophobic in 1-person tents, but with the pack light option it is just around 3 pounds, and i can handle that (yes i know a tarp would be lighter, no i am not being converted at this time). don't know if this is the tent that i will be taking on the trail, but still exciting anyway. anybody else get anything fun lately?

"i have seen where the wolf has slept by the silver stream. i can tell by the marks he left you were in his dreams."

06-10-2007, 19:03
It`s not sad at all..That`s why we are here to share with others...Looks like a nice tent..Don`t worry about the ultra-light people who will want to tell you it`s to heavy..Carry what you want and what you are capable of..All that extra room will feel nice on a stormy night down the road

06-21-2007, 07:33
anybody else get anything fun lately? ~jos

My wife and I recently got a new tent too. We bought a Tarptent Rainshadow. While we won't get out to the trail with it until August, we've been using it in the yard. I'm loving it, but she's hesitant because it's not a freestanding tent. One thing we agree on is that it sure is light for the amount of room that you get.

06-23-2007, 23:00
better yet, go with a hammok:)

(if that works for you)

Cindy from Indy
08-27-2007, 13:49
JetBoil Stove, Sierra Design Flashlite tent, ThermaRest pad, Kelty RedCloud backpack.....

I just found an Extreme Outfitters store in my area!! It was like shopping for the holidays in there! I chatted with the young salesman and he was more than happy to discuss hiking the AT with me. Apparently, there is a 58 mi trail in deep, Southern Indiana that simulates the AT very well. It's called Knobstone Trail. I will definitely hit that in mid-October!

Now I need to find a decent pair of hiking boots (the boots I have now are old Vasque's on their last leg) and make a final decision on my sleeping bag. Geez, those down bags are SOOOOOO nice and light!!!

I am going on a 2 night hike over Labor Day weekend. I wanted to go 4 nights but my Mom will be in town and I have to "do the daughter" thing:D.

08-27-2007, 13:54
I love new gear, it is one of my favorite things to get excited about! I just got in a Granite Gear Virga pack today, and it looks nice. I am expecting a western mountaineering versalite super tomorrow and a big order of accessories from BPL on wednesday! Buying stuff is lots of fun. I enjoy hiking even more though. Finding ways to lighten my pack is one of my pastimes while not on the trail.

Jack Tarlin
08-27-2007, 14:29
I got the same tent recently and liked it a great deal. I then gave it to my daughter so I suspect I'll never see it again, which is fine. She should get a lot out of it: My last MH tent, purchased in January of 1996, is still going strong and other than a few holes in the netting, is in great shape, certainly better shape than its owner.

08-27-2007, 14:31
I just got done modifing my Big Agnes pad! The Go lite Jam2 is suppose to be here Tuesday! I am having a great deal of fun just seeing how I can get rid of weight with out loosing comfort.

08-27-2007, 14:36
I am expecting a western mountaineering versalite super tomorrow and a big order of accessories from BPL on wednesday!

Those Versalite Supers are Great bags. I wish I could fit into one comfortably.
Thay are a little snug on me.

08-27-2007, 16:03
I know what you mean about getting a new piece of gear. The family gave me a ULA Conduit pack for my birthday last month and I can't try it out cuz I just had a joint implant put in my big toe so I need to wait for that to heal.

As far as a 3 pound plus tent, don't worry about it. You can easily (and should) still keep your base pack to 12-14 pounds, max, and if you want to call that ultralight I won't argue with you.

08-27-2007, 16:49
I received in the mail today silk gloves and a silk sleeping bag liner from New Zealand Nature Company. The gloves fit great and will be a little extra for my fleece gloves from Campmor. The liner has a spot to stuff my fleece hoody as a pillow. Yup, we like to buy new stuff. I'm planning to hike from Harpers Ferry to Damascus beginning toward the end of October.

08-27-2007, 20:27
I have hiked the knobstone trail. It is great but ther is no water on the trail. You have to drop water at road crossings. Get the maps from the Department of Natural resources in the Government Center South in Indianapolis.

08-27-2007, 20:30
Starting to slowly build up my gear. Got my Leki Super Makalu Ergometric AS Trekking Poles today. Cant wait to try them.

Cindy from Indy
08-27-2007, 21:11
Okay hoosier ben, I'll do that. Thanks for the tip! BTW, when are you planning your thruhike?

Jim Adams
08-27-2007, 21:53
i had to go big because i sometimes get claustrophobic in 1-person tents,

:banana :banana :banana size does matter!

seriously, enjoy the extra room...there can be a fine line between comfort and ultralite.


08-27-2007, 23:11
Cindy, where in Indy did you find the Outfitter? By the way Knobstone is a great trail, just remember that your getting into hunting season.

Cindy from Indy
08-28-2007, 08:27
It's in Carmel. 116th St and Keystone Ave. In the little strip mall with Macaroni Grill, Borders Bookstore and The Longhorn Steakhouse.

And, thanks for the hunting season tip. I hadn't even thought of that....YIKES!!

08-28-2007, 10:10
Mar-Apr 09 is my target date for thru hike.

08-28-2007, 11:42
Hi Josi,

Does getting new gear get me excited? Are you kidding me??? Getting new stuff is glorious.

As far as feeling guilty for your tent, don't. When I decided to start hiking 10 years ago, my first purchase was a 3lbs, 2 person, Sierra Design. At the time I thought it was the cat's meow. Little did I know it would be considered big and heavy by seasonned hikers. And as much as I like shopping, I also hate to get rid of stuff that is still in good shape. To this day, it still looks new. Sure it's a little heavier than most but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make as I greatly appreciate the extra room, expecially in the rain. In the meantime, every new piece of gear I buy gets smaller and lighter and when the time comes to buy a new tent, I'll be ready.

Cindy from Indy
09-25-2007, 15:25
Just bought a brand spank'in new MSR Hubba w/the footprint. I'm gonna try to dye the fly dark brown though! lol ;)

Creek Dancer
09-25-2007, 15:29
Just got a Montbell inflatable pillow. Nice and big and only 2.3 oz. Can't wait to try it out. Oh wait, I'll try it out at home!

09-25-2007, 19:40
I have an MSR Hubba too but I might return it for the Hubba Hubba. I'm thinking I want a little more room and willing to take on the added weight.

Cindy - are you going NOBO in 2008? When are you leaving? I'm planning on March 16 or 17.