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Just a few Steps
06-11-2007, 20:24
I am new to Whiteblaze, but I've heard comparisons of the AT and PCT in terms of switchbacks, differences in elevation gain etc.

I have created a podcast that attempts to address these differences quantitatively. I've invented a "tortuosity" factor to help explain this.
If you think this might be of interest, have a look at my podcast at


Happy hiking!
Just a Few Steps

06-11-2007, 21:30
So is the question here, "does size matter?"

Time To Fly 97
06-12-2007, 09:05
This is great to listen to. I can envision a grumbling hiker making it to a shelter, finally getting around the campfire and then being redirected to think twice about grumbling as the logic of the trail comparison unfolds. Nice!

I think there is roome here for a phase two hypothesis about yellow blazing and slack packing being an imaginary number factor. :-?

Happy hiking!