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06-25-2007, 07:51
Time to get ready for '08! Went to Trail Days and had a great time and learned a lot. Getting my gear weight down and plan on doing the Approach Trail the last weekend in July with my son. He also turns 12 on the 31st. Last day of work is 12/31. I hope to spend January doing GA but that depends on the weather. God, work is boring!!!:confused:
Trail name of grasshopper. What's the weather like there in July and January?

06-25-2007, 08:32
hot and cold

06-25-2007, 16:28
Yeah... what Kerby said. Expect extremes of all kinds, temp, rain, snow, wind, etc... It has been in the teens at night and in the ninties during the day. At least on one occasion in recent years... Have fun!

06-28-2007, 04:24
Don't worry about the weather as you cannot change it. Don't worry about your pack weight - you will lighten it. The best thing you can do is prepare yourself for the trail mentally and physically - which is something you can control.

When people ask me about long distance hiking I always say the same thing to them - "how will you deal with your 9th day of rain" - it doesn't matter how light your pack is if you quit in GA, and the weight on your back has nothing to do with the success rate of thru-hikers in my view. It's all about the heart and soul. I've seen overweight hikers hike the AT with 50lbs on their back and spend less than $2000 - desire is everything.

If you want it...you will be successful, regardless of whether or not you climb Katahin/Springer. If you don't want it - that will be exposed pretty early into your hike and you will go do something else. Life is very simple in reality.

mountain squid
06-28-2007, 07:34
If you are heading up to GA, don't forget to swing by Neels Gap and visit the outfitters (http://www.mountaincrossings.com/) there. They'll give some good, helpful advice. You might also check out the Hiker Hostel (http://www.hikerhostel.com/).

Have fun and drink plenty of water...

See you on the trail,
mt squid