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tiny turtle
06-25-2007, 21:19
Hey folks, I'm somewhat new to the long-distance backpacking bit and I need a little help picking out a pack. I know that I want to keep a light load, 30lbs at the most, so I tried out some nice packs at campmor. The Women's Gregory Jade 50 fits really well but I'm not sure it's "the one", and the Vapor Ki just felt awkward despite how awesome it looks, haha. To cut to the chase, I've had my eye on this pack, the Mountainsmith Chimera (http://www.campsaver.com/product.php?pid=60018), but I can't find anywhere to try it on. It's pretty light, has a good capacity, and it looks clean and simple. There's a site selling it for 120, which is a steal. I know it's older and not being made anymore but does ANYONE have any experience with this pack? I just get a vibe from it, lol. Any suggestions would be helpful, even if it's to recommend a completely different pack. Thanks :D

tiny turtle
06-27-2007, 21:32
OK guess not! lol

How about the Gregory Jade 50? It feels good but it weighs in at over 3 pounds... Anything comparable/better?

07-01-2007, 15:57
Can't advise on the Gregory but I''ve seen some positive reviews about it.

RE: the Mountainsmith Chimera. My wife uses a Mountainsmith Muse which is essentially the same pack but smaller (3000 c.i. or so). She says the pack carries comfortably and she likes the pack's features. She had no durability issues after a few seasons of use but recently we've noticed that one of the shoulder straps is starting to pull away at the lower attachment point. It also doesn't handle lighter, low-volume loads (<15lbs and <2000 c.i.) as well as she'd like. Its been a decent pack for the money she paid but I tend to think there are better options out there.

tiny turtle
07-01-2007, 17:48
Hmm, ok.. Well I guess I won't risk it then, as I don't have anywhere to try it on or whatever.. Guess I'll go with the Jade 50. I just hope I can fit everything in it. The small size is only 2700. Ergggh x_x

Auntie Mame
07-10-2007, 22:00
Hi, I have liked that older Mtnsmith series, the Ghost and Achilles are being sold thru Sierra Tradingpost right now. They are black, not that rather neat tan and brown, but they are the same models, and similar to the chimera. One woman hiker we know loved the Ghost, but then, its such a personal thing. best of luck, and SWEET turtle!