View Full Version : Maintainer needs logistical help please !

06-25-2007, 23:20
Hey fellow hikertrash,
Is there anyone in the Johnson City area that could possibly help out with some trail maintenance logistics ? What I need is someone to meet me at Spivey Gap around 8 a.m. or so on a weekday and transport me and one or two helpers to the top of Big Bald and drop us off. I have access thru the guard shack along with gate key (to be dropped off on way back down, gate to be locked at all times) and it would make it possible for us to carry the weedeaters and tools neccessary to do the entire section (over 5 miles) in one day going mostly downhill. I am going to get behind on the work needed on the section if this is not done soon. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,


Miss Janet
06-26-2007, 01:39
You remember me?? I kinda do that kind of stuff every now and then. You know, like drive hikers around... I guess you guys would count.


If I can help I would love to be of assistance. Just don't tell Bob Peoples. He might think you are actually going to get a shovel in my hands!

I will be around all week if you need me just call 743-1932

06-26-2007, 02:05
Hey Ms. Janet you beautiful voluptuous redhead :) Of course I remember you, I have the pics to prove it: http://www.guitar-antics.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=12&pos=23

It was only a few short weeks ago I took this one of you and yer mom on Beauty Spot :bse along with all the others of the Billville event that I took that day can be found there

I would greatly appreciate a ride from Spivey to Big Bald sometime soon, this week would be awesome. I know it's early but have to get early start to get anything done with all that drivin'. I will be calling you soon. I dont know why I didnt think of you before, guess I figured you was too busy haulin` hikertrash to fool with some old has been trail maintainers ;) , lol . Don't worry, your secret is good with me, I wont tell Bob, ha ha ha.

Thanks so much you wonderful lady :jump