View Full Version : Hot Springs Info

Chaco Taco
06-26-2007, 18:38
So I am looking at stopping in Hot Springs in August. Is there anywhere to just catch a shower?

06-26-2007, 19:35
Yep! Several stalls at the campground, I think it's $3 if that's all you want.

Johnny Swank
06-26-2007, 19:50
In keeping with this Hot Springs thread, can anyone recommend a decent B&B or something similar in Hot Springs. Me and the lady are hiking from Roan Mtn to Hot Springs for our belated honeymoon in July and are looking for options.

06-26-2007, 19:57
In 05 there was a real expensive place to stay..very nice though.. Also for a cheaper option there is a decent motel right on the river. And then there is Elmers...

gold bond
06-26-2007, 20:47
Just check at the outfitters or at the campground.....honeymoon eh.....don't miss the hot springs! You can reserve a tub for two....bring your own champaign!