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Matt Pincham
10-09-2003, 08:59
Hello All,

Was talking to MAdAussieInLondon the other day and he brought up the interesting subject of visas.

I could try sprinting the AT, to finish and get out of the US within 3 months but I think my scrawny ass would probably not be able to accomplish this. Therefore I will be needing to apply for a US visa.

Just wondering if anyone has experiences (good or bad) with getting visas. I'm aware that Immigration will want proof that I'm not going to do a runner like all your illegal friends from the South but as I'm young I don't have things such as a mortgage or kids. Is it something to worry about largely or should I be able to acquire one without too much fuss...or should I just have some kids before going ;)

10-09-2003, 14:06
From my experience you should not have any difficulty getting a Visa to hike the trail. The real problem is that a process should take only a couple of weeks will now take many months. I am trying to get a visiting scientist a visa so that he can work in my lab. He is from India and usually the process takes only two months. Well it has been six months since the paperwork has ben initiated and he still hasn't heard anything from INS!! Apply for the visa early!!
Grey Owl

10-09-2003, 18:05
work visa is different. holiday visa is pretty much done quickly. hand the forms in to the embassy. wait a few hours, get a response from the clerk.

depends i guess. that was how a guy at work told me he got his us visa.

10-21-2003, 19:19
Aussies can get a visitors Visa to the USA for up to 6 months, turnaround is about 7 days, cost was AUD$75.00. You shouldn't have any problems.