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10-09-2003, 15:55
I'm planning ahead to get myself a Gearskin for an Xmas present this winter. For those of you who own them, what fabric is yours?

Do you have any additional pockets or lash points? I'm thinking about hipbelt pockets and some sort of shockcord on the back for wet gear. Would ya'll recommend getting a mesh pocket for that or shockcord webbing?

What about an ice axe loop? I don't usually hike in snow, but it's easier to have one than to add it later.

Any other options that people like? Obviously I want to keep weight down, but I also want a pack that will work well for me.

Thanks everybody!


10-09-2003, 16:08
I own a Gearskin. It is made of the "next to heaviest" material. I have 2 hip belt pockets and the back mesh pocket. It weighs 22 ounces aprox. There is a picture in my gallery of the loaded pack. This is my 4th backpack and is in another deminsion in terms of fit, comfort and weight distribution. I just took it on a 60 mile section hike and was AMAZED at how comfortable it rode--INCREDIBLE. I highly recommend the back mesh pocket and the two hip belt pockets.

10-09-2003, 16:45
Mine is the 4oz packcloth, which is the perfect choice for durability and realativly lightweight. I have 2 hipbelt pockets, perfect for maps, food, aquamira, bugdope, headlamp, ect. They weigh 1.1 oz's each, and the pack weighs 23.4 oz. I would definatly reccomend the mesh pocket, its HUGE and would hold all of my clothing if i wanted it to.

I am with repeat. The comfort of this pack is unparalelled. I went to John McCue's (packrat) house and got fitted by him, so i was sure that it fit ( i was hiking in the area and arranged to get fitted). I use a 4oz kneeling pad for a "frame", it helps pad my back. But the gearskin really is a great pack. You are making a good choice.

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10-09-2003, 17:06
Do a quick search on gearskin on this board. You'll find quite a few threads on the subject. Many discuss the fabric choices.

My brothers is ripstop execpt for the bottom third (hipbelt around the bottom and up the front maybe 3") is the lighest packcloth option (220d??) with a single hipbelt pouch, no front pocket. 1# 6.56oz.

10-09-2003, 19:04
I'm tlbj6142's brother. I have shock cord. I like it. a bit of a hassle as the pack changes size each morning. which means the shockcord needs to be adjusted too. but it has been convient

1.9 seems more then durable. it really isn't exposed to snags because the sides are open. Ask aand see if you can get cordura straps vs. nylon.

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10-09-2003, 20:44
I have only used mine a couple times for short trips, but enjoy it a great deal. Someday it will get more use ... sigh!

I plan on several kayak camping trips and decided that it would be great to use for portaging gear while carrying a boat. It rolls up very small and is easy to carry.

I went with the 200 Denier fabric for strength and general toughness. I had Moonbow add straps at the hipbelt so I can carry my leatherman, add pockets as needed, etc (recomendation from backpackgeartest).

I also had them turn the ends of all 10 compression straps along the "back" into reinforced loops. These are large enough to put straps thru, and I've used the bottom set for carrying my Thermarest. I have a bungee cord run thru the remaining loops ala the Mountainsmith packs.

Moonbow was great to work with. The pack weighs about 22 ounces including the bungee and a couple short straps.

10-10-2003, 10:20
Do you use a pack cover when hiking in the rain?

I have never used one, since I have all my gear except my ridgerest in garbage bags or waterproof stuff sacks anyway. My sleeping pad is exposed to the weather, but because it's rolled up only the outside gets wet. Should I get a pack cover for the Gearskin, since I'll probably be using the pad unrolled to provide structure?

Thanks for all the feedback so far.


10-10-2003, 10:26
Oh, and how big are your hipbelt pockets? I'm not sure how to describe the size I want, except for "big enough for gorp, sunscreen, and a map."

10-10-2003, 11:26
My hip belt pockets are about 6 inches long, 5 inches high and 3 inches deep. They are not permently attached. They slide on to the hip belt with a couple of pieces of elastic and their position along the hip belt can be adjusted--front to back. The pockets are then held in place with attached velcro---between the back of the pocket and the hip belt, very nice. There is plenty of room for a compact camera, maps, snacks, Aqua Mira, etc... I use a silnylon pack cover---very light--3.8 oz.