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10-11-2003, 13:08
Me brother took a plane yesterday. Looked down from the window and wondered why those trees were odd colors. Then he realized it was fall.

Said there are no trees in NY, unless he goes to Central Park. Sad, how almost totally and completely cut off from nature those New Yorkers are.

Blue Jay
10-12-2003, 19:41
Yes but none of them have to be terrified of bears like many on this forum.

10-12-2003, 20:12

10-12-2003, 20:16
"lots of city people think the mountain folks ain't no better'n varmints."

Davis Bracken...

keeper of a cabin in 1919 for champion fibre corp.
cabin located at the covergence of alum cave creek and walker camp prong at the place known as grassy patch

Davis Bracken aka Jasper Fenn chapter 10 "Our southern highlanders" by Horace kephart...1922 edition

10-13-2003, 07:44
Said there are no trees in NY, unless he goes to Central Park. Sad, how almost totally and completely cut off from nature those New Yorkers are.

The availability of a wide variety of fine Belgian ales in NYC, especially in the West Village, more than makes up for the lack of trees. I always look forward to a few days in NYC.

10-13-2003, 11:24
Central Park has some of the best birdwatching in North America. Prospect Park in Brooklyn isn't too shabby either. In the Bronx you have the Botanical Gardens which has an old growth forest of several hundred acres - really. The Bronx Zoo is hundreds of acres of trees and great exhibits.

Jamaica Bay is teeming with wildlife, and for the fisherman, the Hudson & East rivers are loaded with Striped Bass to 50+ pounds.

Peregrine Falcons nest on every bridge spanning the Hudson from the Verrezano all the way to Albany. (3) juvenile Bald Eagles were released in Northern Manhattan last year. In the wintertime, Bald Eagles ride the ice flows out on the Hudson.

If your brother walks (or rides) across the GW Bridge, the Long Path starts at the bridge and goes all the way to Albany, passing through Harriman State Park, the Shawangunks, and the Catskills enroute. It's a great trail.

There is alot of wildlife in NY. You just need to know where to look.

10-13-2003, 11:53
<<<There is alot of wildlife in NY. You just need to know where to look.>>

look at Hog and Heifers..biker bar in brooklyn..lots of wildlife there!

yogi clyde
10-13-2003, 14:30
Hogs & Heifers is not in Bklyn, but downtown Manhattan.
There is also an Upper East Side branch, but not the same.

C.Coyle thanks for appreciating our fine drinking establishments,
and they are open till 4 AM.

TN Jed is correct in his post. Birds on their migration love Central
Park. Heck, it is one of the few places for them to go.

Yes there are plenty of folks in NYC who are cut off from nature,
but there are plenty of folks in middle America who are too.
They drive their big SUV to the Wal-Mart and then sit around
the house and get fat.

I can be on the trails in less than 1 hour, but you do have to
make the effort.

"Enjoy every sandwich" - W. Zevon

Trail Dog
10-13-2003, 15:05
I'm a brooklynite and during my mere 50 days from georgia to virginia i met 4 new yorkers from the city and know of 4 other new yorkers who were on the AT this year for at least 200 miles.

Its a freakin city what do you expect? 8 million people arnt going to want to hike or even spend an hour in the woods, hell i wouldn't want them to.

sounds like your brother dosen't get out much if he didnt know it was fall. there pleanty of trees and litterally hundreds of parks, and dozens of nature reserves, and protected areas.

the trail is only a 12 dollar and 45 min train ride away, an hour and a half bus ride to Kent coneticut or delaware water gap, and if you got a car its easy access to any point from mid penn to new hamshire and vermont.

I'll take New york city over any small secluded town/village any day. I dont have to go out of my way for anything and i would't be able to live without the pizza!

10-13-2003, 15:49
C.Coyle thanks for appreciating our fine drinking establishments, and they are open till 4 AM.

Yogi Clyde: There were a few times crawling out of them at 0400 when I could have used some blue blazes.

I know this is off topic, but anyone who has actually _been_ to NYC will know that it's surprisingly green. The Bronx may just be the greenest of the 5 boroughs.

I thought I saw a post here about a shelter in New York State from which the Manhattan skyline is visible. Or was I dreaming?

10-13-2003, 18:41
I know there are a few ornamental trees in Manhattan, where my brother lives, but they sure don't stand out from the busses, skyscrapers, garbage cans, and street signs. When he said there are no trees in NYC except in Central Park he probably meant there aren't enough to notice. No wonder he was perplexed at the sight of a forest in fall colors, when he looked down from the plane and saw real trees.

I'll pass along the idea of taking the Blue Line to the AT some weekend. That is one suggestion more city rats should take to heart, but we know they probably won't. And if they get there, would they be in shape (cough cough ** GASP) to hike more than 100 feet?

Trail Dog
10-13-2003, 19:08
amazingly ignorant. no matter how many times i try to get all those bad things city people say about country people out of my head a country person goes and proves me wrong and them right.

New yorkers, aside from the old, crippled and young are generally in very good shape. thousands of NYers all over the place are cycling, running, working out at any given moment of the day. damit we got more gyms and fitness centers than you got cows. the indoor facilities we have for climbing, and sports are better than anything you have ever seen.

as far as manhattan and sky scrpappers, its less than one fifth of all the city space. most residential comunities are linned with trees and generally in the summer you can find gardens linned with flowers that are found all along the trail from georgia to maine, all in one city.

you probally have no idea how big central park is, how many acres of land we have that are natural and green. Once again its a city, its suppose to have big buildings, and busses, and street signs. Big cities support the nations economy and give all that farmland a reason to exist.

and all though one third of all drug use in the nation is in big cities that means two thirds are done where its much greener, and far more ignorant.

10-13-2003, 19:33
Look like Trail Dawg been chawin too mucha that wild tobaccy. He so stoned dunt notice my brutha live in Man-Hattin. Gess thats whar they made them thar fancy hats them city slicker ware in fancy rest-rants.

Eye knows they gots trees in sum parts o New Yawk. Eye done red so mysef in a book when I done went to that big buildin in the big city, think it was Asheville 10 years ago, it wuz called A Tree Growed in Brooklyn. So hez rite but my brudda neva pass by that tree cuz he lives in Man-Hattin, see.

So my brudda never sawed that thar tree growin in New Yawk till he got in that playne and went way up in the ar and look down and sawed it growin in Brooklyn. But you no wut? He dunt no wat it wuz till the stew-ress telled him she got reel close like them thar Joisey goils I don heered about from my brudda when he first went up to New Yawk.

And my brudda use be strong like me see he frum the hills too, but whin he want up thar to New Yawk he wuz in this Jim and a bar-bell done fell and heet him on the haid and sens then he been reel dizzy, see. So yoo city slicker thank you no everthing but you cant fool ****ry folk cuz we no better, see.

yogi clyde
10-13-2003, 19:37
As Trail Dog stated, we walk everywhere. Granted it
is pretty flat in most parts on Manhattan, but I was talking with
a CA transplant today, and she could not believe that
a lot of folks here walk so much.

It is sometimes the easiest way to get around, and the
best way to see the city.

As for me, I plan to walk the 2 miles home right now and
watch the Yankees beat those unsportsman like Red Soxs.

Before I get grief from the Boston crowd just let me say

1918 :p

10-13-2003, 19:44
I dun ben to NYC too..I usedta drive atruck in man-hatten....I didn't get to see much trees dar..or over in jiosy neithier...put the piza in brok-lynn is good.

and I don't kare if i ever see NYC agin...even from a AT shelter...

you kin send me to hell or NYC..it seems about the same to me.]

and that includes Boston

10-14-2003, 15:24
Trail dog and YogiClyde, ignore the ignorance that unfortunately still looms on this site and in our poor country. No point arguing with the locals :)

GA-ME 03'
Brooklyn, NY born and raised

squirrel bait
10-14-2003, 16:48
I've been to Strawberry Fields and noticed all kinds of wildlife, both four legged and two legged. Though I think some of the four legged were two leggers looking for something. My roomate is from Ronkonkoma and I always fish when ever I get the chance to go to the island. Beth Page is one of the most heavily wooded golf courses I have ever seen, besides extremely hard.

Lone Wolf
10-14-2003, 16:52
Did you play Beth Page Black? Tough to get tee times?

squirrel bait
10-15-2003, 10:18
No to busy and there is something like 8 slots for walkons. They gather around 4 in the am for that days chance.

10-15-2003, 13:35
Unrelated question for TN Jed - are you the same one who was doing trail magic at Max Patch in April 1992? And then at Laurel Fork a week or so later?

10-15-2003, 14:06
Nope, my first (and only) time on Max Patch was during my 2000 NOBO thru-hike. Trail name = Little Bear.

10-15-2003, 14:43
I was on the long path in Harriman last weekend...the color is almost peak currently.

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