View Full Version : Track that "YA DONE GOOD" chip!

07-13-2007, 14:21
While Mountain Mike was in Duncannon, he gave me a wooden chip that said "Ya Done Good" on one side and "Forest Coalition" on the other. He said he received it from a gentleman from the Forest Coalition in Boiling Springs when he was offered water and gave water to his dog first! He done good!

He gave it to me when I fed a group of Hikers supper on July 1. Because he felt I done good!

I gave the wooden chip to to Matthewski I gave it to him when He done good! by cleaning my living room, kitchen and bathroom when I brought him here from Philly for ther Billville Feed.

I understand he passed the chip onto Zero. He Done Good by helping me cook and transport food for the Billville Feed which were long and hard hours.

The wooden YA DONE GOOD chip is to be passed on to whomever the owner feels really deserves it.

I hope all that receive the chip will help track the chip and post here.

07-13-2007, 19:35
If anyone ever hands me that I'm going to swallow it.