View Full Version : Man and women using "drags" North of Dicks Creek

07-17-2007, 21:33
Anybody seen the man and women who have drags fashioned out of branches anywhere along the trail lately? They were last seen in early July and have been living on or near the trail. They have said they are heading to WV. We ran into them near Sheep Rock Top around mid-June.

They leave a very distinctive set of drag marks, and the guy carries an "Alice" style military pack, and wears a Confederate cap.

07-17-2007, 21:55
Like I said in the other thread....it was just the guy.

The lady apparently left him. I think I got a photo of him talking to my brother. I'll check.

Don't remember a confederate cap...but do remember a baseball cap on the guy.

And like I said, he was dropping ladies clothes and jewelry on the ground on the way to Plumorchard, according to a gentleman that stayed with us at Plumorchard.

How the guy is going to drag that stuff past Bly Gap, I'll never know.