View Full Version : Beaver Brook Trailwork and FREE FOOD

07-19-2007, 08:30
Hello everyone,

The Dartmouth Outing Club has a crew out on the Beaver Brook trail *the AT going north from Moosilauke* all summer. We are replacing all 143 of the wooden steps that are out there (I am sure you've wondered exactly how many there are; there are 143.) as well as repairing a lot of old rockwork before it slides down into the stream. So, two things:

1. Take extra care on this trail; as we replace old rotten steps with new solid ones there will be times when the naked rebar is sticking up out of the rock waiting to receive a new step. Trail crew is flagging everything like crazy, but keep your eyes peeled anyway; people have been known to remove flagging of their own accord.

2. The Appalachian Trail is the ONLY National Park maintained by volunteers! We need your help! If you want to spend a day or several days with the trail crew, we would LOVE IT. We would love it so much that we will give you a free dinner, overnight and breakfast at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge for every eight hour day of trailwork on Moosilauke that you give us. In order to take advantage of this amazing deal, call the Ravine Lodge at 603-764-5858 and tell them you want to come and do trailwork on Beaver Brook. They will take a message for the trail crew and help you make arrangements for your overnight stay. You do not have to take the overnight on the same day you do trailwork if you don't want to.

The trail crew will be working until the end of August. They work Monday through Friday as a rule.

For trailwork, you should come prepared as you would for a day of hiking, and specifically with closed toed shoes (leather hiking boots are preferred), long pants, work gloves, and a big lunch. It would probably be a good idea to leave your dog at home for this one; an enthusiastic underfoot dog and a rolling 500 pound rock would not mix well. http://www.viewsfromthetop.com/forums/images/smilies/eek.gif http://www.viewsfromthetop.com/forums/images/smilies/frown.gif