View Full Version : Missing boys body found in White Mountains

10-17-2003, 18:56
Missing boys body found (http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/Northeast/10/17/missing.boy.ap/index.html) << Link

10-19-2003, 21:07
On that same afternoon, not five miles from where Patric's body was found, a man jumped into Franconia Brook and drowned. He was trying to rescue his dog (the dog saved itself) and as of yesterday his body had not been recovered.

10-19-2003, 21:19
Yeah I heard about that but I didnt know it was that close to where the boy was found. Thats sad to say the least!! That water is cold this time of year!! That makes drowning much more of a hazard!! Streamweaver

10-20-2003, 14:37
while I was out helping to search for the boy last week I overheard some law enforcement officers and there was another body discovered....but they haven't said anything about it on any news
I guess the guy that drowned was who they were doing a recovery on when I tried to hike thru there that day. They had the trail closed.