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Brother in Arms
07-22-2007, 18:50
Hello everyone

This is to anyone who is southbound and knows me. This is One Tree Hammock also known simply as One Tree or Jon.

Anyway I got off the Trail about a Month ago, I ended up visiting my GF and in the Process I ended up getting a Great Job in Vermont. Since then I have been between her place and my parents trying to get ready for the moe I suspect I will be called to work this week. So in a way everything for me worked out very well.

Looks like I am going im going Legit.

and of course I miss the trail and all the freinds I made in the breif period of time that I was out there only about 4 weeks so.

But good luck to everyone still on the trail...
Connor and Amanda
Meribeth and Mathieu (Wildfire and Ashes)
Murphy, Wiskers and Emily
Castle and Treats
Sweet Tea and Surge

I miss you all and I hope all is going very well.

One Tree

07-22-2007, 23:34
So in a way everything for me worked out very well.

Glad to hear the A.T. led to something better for you.:)