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07-22-2007, 19:40
we will be at the monasary sept 22 ,will they feed us and give us some place to sleep also my budy wants to go to mass does any body have the phone # the one i have is wrong

07-22-2007, 19:51
Just Curious; What monastery are you staying at ??

Appalachian Tater
07-22-2007, 20:31
Graymoor has an open-air roofed pavillion with picnic tables and an enclosed cold shower and an outdoor sink at the ballfield. You may attend mass. No meals or food is provided but if you have a cell-phone you can call for Italian delivery with a minimum charge.

07-22-2007, 20:52
Bugs were really bad there in 2003. Guess this year could be different but we stayed under the pavillion on the picnic tables and the bugs got so bad most of us ended up pitching tents. Remember your DEET !!


07-22-2007, 21:55
The Graymoor Monastery 2000
I had hiked 25.1 miles and got there about 11:00 PM. I ate something quick and quiet and crashed in my slick rock in the ball field. The next morning my heels were sore so I took a zero there. The brothers were pissed because the hikers before us had said they were going to stay for breakfast but didn't. Don't lie to brothers...it pisses god and the brothers off. They discontinued offering breakfast after that. A young man called Sunny Campfire took a zero also and we went to Peekskill. We made a mistake and thought the PD was the library. The desk seargent wasn't amused when we asked to use their computer. It was a good day and we had to rush to get back to confirm for the evening meal. As we stood there by the camping area Pat from Maine and another woman with a rat dog hiked in. I thought it was a joke because Pat from Maine was carrying a pack so big she looked like a furniture mover. The next morning Pat from Maine and I happened to hike out together. She was in the lead and she turned left. I said I think we should go to the right to go north. She assured me that she knew where she was going. It had been dark and late when I came in so I figured I'd gotten turned around. So Pat and I hiked back to that road you cross before the friary. She realized that she'd gone the wrong way and I didn't say a word. She said "aren't you nice for not saying anything." I said "don't worry...I won't tell anyone." So we hiked on and Pat mentioned that she was recently divorced. I'd also been divorced and that translated into "oh good...another hard faced bit--." Showing what a cool guy I am I said "your ex was a saint." I intended to just hike away at that point. Instead Pat hit me in the head so hard with her hiking stick that I was almost down to my knees. I couldn't hike away from her so she and I have lived together ever since.

07-22-2007, 22:07
So the moral to your story is...

07-22-2007, 22:09
after hiking the AT I found out that our operations officer in Vietnam had died there in his second tour. He and I had been close so Pat and I stopped by West Point to see the monument with his name on it (John Lawrence). He was class of 1961. We also continued on to Arlington to visit my commanding officer who is in Arlington with a bunch of my friends who stopped aging a long time ago. I had no idea how close West Point is to the Graymoor Friary.

07-22-2007, 22:15
So the moral to your story is...

No moral...all old news. I have no idea what the friars are doing these days. It seems I do uncontrolled knee jerk anecdotes. Please excuse my irrelevant post.

07-22-2007, 22:42
I stayed in the shelter at the ball fields one cold night this past march... wanted to ask about getting water there, and contacted Fr. Jim Gardiner... still get emails!!! i guess i made the list. I did go to an evening meditation in a particularly beautiful chapel there. they do really welcome outcasts, by the way...

anyway, here's the latest email from them -- includes an email address...

From: "Gardiner, Fr. Jim" <[email protected]>

> SATURDAY, July 28th, at 1:00 PM (note new time)
> VISIT TO MASJID AL-NOOR, Wappinger Falls, NY
> The second of two visits to an area mosque takes place today; please RSVP by
> Wednesday, July 25th, and plan to meet at Graymoor at the book store no
> later than 12:15 PM to arrange car pools. In response to questions that have
> been posed, our host responded: "In modesty, as emphasized by Islam, we
> would request that women enter Masjid, fully covering their bodies (as it
> used to be in Churches and Synagogues as well). Which means, preferably
> pants or long skirts/dresses to cover up to ankles, and a scarf to cover
> their heads; long sleeve shirts will be our request. This way, every one
> will feel comfortable." Regarding the visit, "We will welcome you at 1:00PM,
> observe the noontime prayers and take you to the main hall for introduction
> to the Masjid, before we proceed to the basement hall for refreshments and
> question/answer session."
> SUNDAY, July 29th, 11:00 AM-7:00 PM
> Devotees of La Virgen Carman, venerated as the principal patron of
> Bellavista, Ecuador, will gather for mass at noon in Little Flower Chapel
> and proceed to the ball field afterwards where a family fiesta will be held
> in her honor. All are welcome.
> SUNDAY, August 5th, beginning at 11:00 AM
> The annual Juan Diego Sunday celebration begins with a bi-lingual mass in
> Pilgrim Hall followed by a procession commemorating the four apparitions of
> Our Lady of Guadalupe and concludes with a family festival on the ball
> field. All are welcome.
> SATURDAY, August 11th, at 7:00 PM
> The Baroque Orchestra under the direction of Scott Mettey will present works
> by Jachini, Vivaldi and Handel in Pilgrim Hall; donation is 10.00 for
> adults, 7.00 for children. For reservations and information, call
> (914)393-0805.
> TUESDAY, September 18th, at 7:30 PM (thru Tuesday, November 27th)
> Dr. Christopher M. Bellitto, assistant professor of history at Kean
> University, Union, NJ, and author of Ten Ways the Church Has Changed,
> inaugurates a weekly discussion about changes -- and the role of change in
> protecting tradition -- in the church. Copies of his book are available in
> the Graymoor Book Store (845-424-2100 or www.graymoorbooks.com).
> of interest elsewhere:
> WEDNESDAY, July 25th, at 7:00 PM in Manhattan
> The Hospitality of Abraham: A Model for Interreligious Dialogue
> Jesuit Father Paolo Dall'Oglio, founder of the Deir Mar Musa el-Habashi
> (Monastery of Moses the Abyssinian) in Nebek, Syria (80 kilometers north of
> Damascus) will speak about "The Hospitality of Abraham: A Model for
> Interreligious Dialog" on Wed.Jul.25th, at 7:00 PM at St. Peter's Lutheran
> Church, Lexington Avenue and 54th Street (entrance on 54th Street). The talk
> is free and open to the public.
> SUNDAY, July 29th, 4:00-6:00 PM
> The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art will present Contemporary Art
> as a Bridge to Cross Religious Dialogue and Understanding on Sun.Jul.29th,
> 4:00-6:00 PM. Panelists include Dr. Mary C. Boys, Union Theological
> Seminary; Rabbi David Greenstein, Academy for Jewish Religion; and Elinor
> Aisha Holland, calligrapher and freelance writer and lecturer. Admission is
> $10.00 per person. Visit www.hvcca.com for further information.
> N.B. Please feel free to share this calendar of special events with friends
> who might be interested. Apologies if you received more than one e-mail. And
> if you'd like to have your address removed from this list, please feel free
> to say so.

07-22-2007, 22:42
Please excuse my irrelevant post.

I just wanted to hear more of your story!

Your post represents an example of real trail magic, and the magic that the trail can bring to a hiker's life.

I thought your presentation was hillarious, too.

When I passed through there years ago I thought I was lucky to get a meal of Sweet and Sour Chicken with the Brothers and a stay in a cell.

Seems you came a way with a whole lot more!

Rick B (Who also met his lady on the AT some years ago).

07-22-2007, 23:27
we will be at the monasary sept 22 ,will they feed us and give us some place to sleep also my budy wants to go to mass does any body have the phone # the one i have is wrong

(845) 424-3671