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Trail Yeti
10-18-2003, 20:35
Finally, I get to go hiking...
next weekend is ASU's fall break and I am gonna hit the trail!
Plan on doing some maintenance w/Bob Peoples at Kincora on Thursday, then Friday morning heading to Carvers Gap....hiking NOBO back to Kincora....I love walking on trail that I helped build.
It will be good to get out in the woods by myself....
starting thursday...
Life will be good again, and I'm gonna wear the kilt!!!
Trail Yeti:banana :banana

Blue Wolf
10-18-2003, 20:48
hey Yeti I'll be in that area then and were gonna stay a night with Bob & Pat so I'll keep am eye out for ya!!!


10-19-2003, 21:44
Hey Yeti, I wont be in the same area and therefore you wont see me. I will be racking leaves. I wont be wearing a kilt.

10-19-2003, 21:46
Thats raking. Good grief Charlie Brown

10-19-2003, 21:58
Yeti. I was at Kincora last weekend and got a picture of Bob in an almost tuxedo just back from some ceremony. He just didn't look like himself dressed like that! Maybe he'll model it for you. Tell him I said HI !

Forrest Phil
10-20-2003, 12:25
Hey Yeti!! I am jealous. Have a good time. I was out last week for the day. I now work right by the trail. Please tell Bob and Pat hello for Kimberly and me also.

Trail Yeti
10-21-2003, 19:19
All right, I am almost done packing...
not supposed to be too cold...but y'all know how it gets up on the balds so I am packing the winter gear....its interesting trying to fit it all inmy little Golite Speed.
I will tell Bob all of y'all said hi, and hope to see you Blue Wolf....
one more day of classes and I'm going hiking!!!!

Trail Yeti
10-26-2003, 13:34
I'm back...had a nice trip...helped on a new relo over whitetop (that really nasty forest service road up to the old firetower, new radio tower), which is now open. It wasn't too bad during the day, did get a little chilly at night. Met some SOBO's....good time overall. God, is it possible to get Springer Fever in october? If so I've got it....I want to thruhike agian so bad I can taste it.
Screw college, I'd rather hike!