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Papa Bear
10-20-2003, 14:10
Although this hike was not on the AT per se, I thought it would interest this group.

Me, my brother Bob, my sister Ginny, her husband Nari and a friend Behram spent a weekend in Baxter State Park in September.

We spent the first night after a long drive at Roaring Brook Campground and the next morning we hiked up to Chimney Pond where we stayed. We summited Katahdin twice, both days with good weather.

First time we hiked up to Pamola, across the Knife Edge to Baxter Peak and then down the Cathedral Trail back down to Chimney Pond where we stayed another night.

The next day we went up the Cathedral Trail, over the Tableland to Thoreau Spring, then back across the cutoff and down the Saddle Trail.

When we woke one of the mornings in our lean-to, there was a moose with a full rack of antlers peering in at us. His rack seemed to fill the entire entrance to the lean-to. We christened him "Bruce" and we saw him around the Chimney Pond area several times.

We had a great time on a memorable trip.

What's so special about this? It was September 1963, 40 years ago! I was a 20 year old about to go back to my senior year in college. My sister Ginny would marry Nari the next June.

Nari dug up these pictures and gave them to me this weekend. 1963 Katahdin pictures (http://gallery.backcountry.net/papabear_1963_Katahdin)

Memories are great.

10-20-2003, 16:33
Hey Papa Bear,

Those photos are amazing. Liked the Katahdin sign and the warning not to throw rocks off the mountains. Thanks.

10-21-2003, 07:52
Wow, you're really "old hat" at backpacking; fascinating!!

Uncle Wayne
10-21-2003, 07:54
Papa Bear,

Great photos and story. Thanks for sharing that with us.