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warren doyle
10-21-2003, 12:34
The 23rd Gathering of ALDHA will be held at Concord College (Athens, WV) and the Appalachian South Folklife Center (Pipestem, WV). Tentative date is Columbus Day weekend October 8-10, 2004.
It should be noted that both Gathering venues have a no-alcohol policy. It will be strictly enforced at the folklife center so folks who need alcohol to enhance their Gathering experience are not welcome to camp at the folklife center.

I might suggest that the long distance hiking alcohol users, since there appears to be sufficient numbers now, organize themselves and have there own 'gathering' someplace else.

#1 Damascus, VA why should the town's campground being only used once a year for Trail Days?
#2 Erwin, TN easy interstate access; national forest campgrounds
#3 Caledonia State Park
Pine Grove Furnace State Park - central location; enough campsites
#4 Fahnestock (sp.) State Park NY
#5 Gifford Woods State Park VT

This way everyone can be happy.

Anyone who would like to share their trail experiences (i.e, workshops, slide shows, etc.) with others at the Pipestem/Concord College 'no-alcohol' Gathering ,
should contact me at wdoyle@mountain.org

Happy trails!