View Full Version : Nice Article on Duncannon, PA.

10-21-2003, 19:24
Here's an article from the 10/21/2003 Harrisburg (Pa.) Patriot on Duncannon, PA's relationship to the AT and hikers:


Jack Tarlin
10-22-2003, 19:17
It certainly is a nice article, except for the bit where I'm described as "a medieval historian from New Hampshire." This came as news to me; the only thing "medieval" about me are my knees. This description would come as a surprise to the good folks at Hampshire College who seemed to spend an inordinate ammount of time encouraging me to decamp from their campus permanently; I happened to STUDY the Middle Ages in school; I certainly don't teach it. Every now again, my extraordinarily over-priced education comes in very handy, like when I take a date to an art museum, or when "Jeopardy" has a "Shakespeare's Kings!" category. In other words, spending 7 years of my life buried in the late 15th century, while interesting at the time, may have ultimately proven to be a poor career choice.....In fact, I recently figured out that I've spent more time on the A.T. as a thru-hiker than I spent studying in college.

There's no question which was a better experience.....I think it was Mark Twain who said that he always made it a rule to never let his schooling interfere with his education.

I couldn't agree more.