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08-02-2007, 02:12
I just bought a Marmot Arete 40F listed as 1lbs 3 oz (REI), on sale at another outfitter on sale. I love the construction of the bag but itís actually 1lbs 13oz and some change, a big difference. So here is the question should I stick with my REI travel sack same weight rated at 55F which is questionable, or get a different bag marmot pounder maybe. Problem is I am 6ft and the pounder is 5ft 10inch. Does anyone have suggestions for a full length zipper summer bag around a pound?

Kaptain Kangaroo
08-02-2007, 02:58
The Marmot pounder is available in a long version (6' 4") it's about 3oz heavier

I'm not sure you will find a 1lb bag with a full length zip, all the bags I have seen have a half zip. This is a how they keep the weight down for a given temp rating.


Kaptain Kangaroo