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The Impersonator
08-05-2007, 11:04

I'm looking for a local partner in crime. I need someone I can talk to seriously about a thru-hike, who would be interested in going with me. Unfortunately, no one I know in my area is insane enough to want to thru-hike the AT. I'm looking for someone local that I can eventually meet up with, swap stories, compare gear, make plans... Most importantly, a person to share my enthusiasm.

After a disheartening failed attempt (I had planned a spring of 07 nobo thru-hike, but a week in, after hiking blood mountain in a sleety, rainy, haily, finally snowy day, where half the white blazes were covered by snow, I realized I had a problem. I'd brought a craptastic sleeping bag. At Neel's Gap they basically told me that if I'd camped with the gear I brought on Blood Mountain the day I hiked it, in that weather, {with a -20 degree wind chill facter} I would have fallen into hypothermic shock and died.) I learned a valuable lesson: There's a reason people spend 150 bucks plus on sleeping bags, 250 on tents, and 200 on packs....

So I came back, and armed with the great teacher Professor Failure, I intend to return for a spring of 08 thru-hike.

If there is someone in the Fall River area interested in a 2008 thru-hike, e-mail me at RSirois13@hotmail.com. I'm also on myspace at www.myspace.com/theimpersonator, or you can im me on aim, as BroadswordMan.

Hope to hear from you!

08-05-2007, 11:35
Have you considered placing an ad in the "Public Notices" section of AT Journeys, the ATC's publication? You need to be an ATC member, but if you're buying the maps and guidebooks, you may want to join anyway, just for the discount. E-mail them: editor@appalachiantrail.org , or snail mail to "Public Notices, P.O. Box 807, Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, 25425-0807". AT Journeys is published bi-monthly and goes to ALL ATC members.

Good Luck.

The Impersonator
08-05-2007, 11:36
Thanks, I'll check that out too!