View Full Version : Alpine Desgins, Alp Sport, Camp 7, George Lamb info wanted

08-06-2007, 13:18
I am helping Bruce at Oregon photos do research on various pioneers of vintage backpacking gear. To date we have turned up a sizable amount of information on many of the classic brands such as Gerry, Holubar and the like. However the brand that remains a bit of a puzzle is Alpine Designs.

In a nutshell, here is what we know; George Lamb started Alpine Designs and Alp Sport in Boulder. Lamb sold off the companies, got bored and started Camp 7. That's it!

Does anybody out there have any additional information on the various companies or on Lamb himself? Does anybody have any catalogs; we'd be quite pleased with catalog scans if you don't wish to part with them. Does anybody know anybody who worked for Lamb? Is Lamb still alive?
Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Bruce's web site is here, http://www.oregonphotos.com/Backpacking-Revolution1.html

I'm going to make this same post on various web forums in hopes of turning up any possible leads. Thanks for any and all help you can provide.