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08-09-2007, 22:20
Just for the fun of it - not trying to prove anything...

I'm planning to hike the AT in all 14 AT states using my car during one week + or - a day. I live 10 hours from Springer and 14 hours from Katahdin.

Day 1 will be the 10 hr drive to Springer and overnight at shelter or nearby.

Day 6 or 7 will include Katahdin and overnight somewhere in ME.
(14 hours back following day)

Day 3 or 4 will include Harpers Ferry

I'm mapping out trailheads in relationship to state borders.

I'm open to suggestions. Note: I've hiked up to eight days on the AT, and usually do 2 day trips - mostly GA, NC/TN and VA. Just wanted to mix in a crazy road trip for a change. :)

08-09-2007, 22:25
i like it do it.

Uncle Silly
08-09-2007, 22:45
that's definitely a crazy road trip. seems like there's not much time for hikin' with all that drivin'. but go for it -- HYOH. or Drive YOH, if that floats yer boat. er, car. youknowwhuddayemean. :)

Jim Adams
08-09-2007, 23:04
if you are following the yellow blaze, does that mean that when you are on the white blaze you are really blue blazing?


Uncle Silly
08-09-2007, 23:05
just remember, yellow and blue make green. :)

08-10-2007, 21:03
Plan A cancelled. Due to a conflict my trip is 6 days max now. My Plan B is to hike the AT somewhere in each state from VA to ME.

Day 1 to Harpers Ferry VA,WV,MD 3 hr north
to Delaware Water Gap PA,NJ 4 hr north
total 7
Note: will begin drive by 4 am

Day 2 to Unionville, NY NY 1 hr north
to Ashley Falls, MA CT,MA 2 hr north
to Hanover, NH VT,NH 3 hr north
total 6
Note: will begin drive by 8 am

Day 3 to Baxter ME 8 hr north
Note: will begin drive by 8 am
Day 4 stay 0

Day 5 undecided 7 hr south

Day 6 remaining 7 hr south

There is always a possibility of a Plan C :)

08-10-2007, 21:37
This is pretty cool idea, Let me know when you plan on being around Harpers Ferry, if you want company (as long as I am off) I would be more then happy to join you for a over nighter.
Really cool!!! Have fun!

08-10-2007, 22:46
Plan C Go directley to directly to Baxter and work your way south That way once Kathdin is done then it's up to you how long you stay and how far you go on each AT segment . It is very possible that if you start south and work your way north you will not have left yourself enough time to get to and climb Katahdin.

08-11-2007, 10:34
A couple of years ago, Dragonfly and I did a variation of what you're proposing. We have been section hiking for a few years and she wanted to hike the Big K and part of the Whites before "getting too old". We made reservations at Katahdin Stream Campground for two nights. The day we arrived it rained, so we hiked the next day. We also hiked from Crawford Notch to Pinkham Notch before going to Katahdin.

As we drove home from Maine, I got the idea to stop and hike a notable section in each state. It was more difficult than I thought it would be to find the trailheads. It was a blast! DO IT! and have fun!:banana

Maine - Katahdin
NH - Mt. Washington
VT - Gifford Woods State Park - trail goes through park and is not far from the Long Trail / AT split
MASS - Mt. Greylock
CT - Housatonic
NY - Pawling where the train into NYC stops on the AT
NJ - High Point State Park
Delaware Water Gap
PA - Hawk Mtn
MD / WV - Harpers Ferry and crossed the bridge / C & O canal

The remaining states we had hiked the entire trail in sections.

08-11-2007, 11:06
Thanks OldBear and Spunky. I will go to Plan C - following your advice. Go to Mt K first for at least two nights and then try other states on my return.

Plan C is much easier to plan:)

08-11-2007, 14:38
Just be sure you know where Virginia lies in relation to Pennsylvania.

Geography argument leads to fisticuffs (http://blog.pennlive.com/patriotnews/2007/08/316931-fisticuffs_among_the_direction.html)

08-11-2007, 18:07
Just be sure you know where Virginia lies in relation to Pennsylvania.

Geography argument leads to fisticuffs (http://blog.pennlive.com/patriotnews/2007/08/316931-fisticuffs_among_the_direction.html)

Or, at least, don't mix geography and alcohol.

08-15-2007, 09:14
Plan D

Too much driving and too little hiking. No good way to go to and then from Mt K and wind my way back without driving too much. Instead of the crazy road trip, I'm going to spend all of my trip walking along the AT like as I've done before. Afterall, isn't the traffic and rushing and schedules what we're trying to take a break from when we hike?

I think the how-many-AT-states-can-I-visit attitude came from anxiety caused by wanting to thru-hike sooner rather than later. I believe it would have been a meaningless experience and been a quickly fading feel good.
Anyway, it was fun to think about it. It will be better to think about how much fun it is to not be driving when I'm in the woods looking up at the stars.

08-15-2007, 23:42
how about hiking the highest peaks in each state.

Dr O
08-16-2007, 00:38
I've done something similar 2 weeks ago, I drove from Raleigh NC to Rochester NY stopping to urinate on each state line. It's kind of a family tradition. You should see the photo album. :p

08-16-2007, 12:12
I've done something similar 2 weeks ago, I drove from Raleigh NC to Rochester NY stopping to urinate on each state line. It's kind of a family tradition. You should see the photo album. :p

Hmmm...urinating to mark a milestone?

When I finished So. Cal on the PCT and about to enter the Sierra, I was happy.

I thought I had loved desert hiking due to my time in Utah. Utah ain't So. Cal, I'll tell you that much!

Looking back, I did enjoy my time in So. Cal...however, I was tired of it in 2002.

So what did I do when I got to Kennedy Meadows? I turned south and did what I had to do.

Juvenile. Pointless. Very satisfying. :)

Do a google search for what Patton (among others, including Churchill) did upon reaching the Rhine River.

I could post the link to the pic..but, while it is only slightly off-color, don't think it is quite kosher for WB. :)

08-16-2007, 13:07
I did a jig on the mason dixon line.

08-16-2007, 16:01
A few years ago, we stayed in Damascus. While eating lunch, I asked our waiter where the AT was and he asked - North or South. I said South and got the directions (right between behind to houses). My wife dropped me off for short day hike (figured I'd go two hours and then head back).

I'd not looked at a map - just wanted a dose of AT. I was surprised when I reached the VA-TN border (maybe 3 or 4 miles). It was fun not knowing it was that close.

And yes. Absolutely marked appropriately : )

Of course after getting picked up and asked about my hike. I said I went to all the way to TN and back. Which got a few seconds of 'wow' until I explained that it wasnt far.

09-17-2007, 16:29
No Katahdin, but we did two nights in Gatlinburg and then two more in Hiawassee. I did minimal AT hiking because it was very hot and dry, but it was still a fun trip.

(I 64) Rockfish Gap
(I 81) near Daleville
(I 81) near Groseclose

(US 441) Newfound Gap

North Carolina
(US 441) Newfound Gap
(US 64) near Franklin

(US 76) near Hiawassee
(GA 75/17) Unicoi Gap
(US 129/19) Neels Gap
(USFS 42) near Springer Mountain

Hiking the Alum Cave trail in Great Smoky Mt. N.P.
Dining at Cook's Country Kitchen , Blairsville, GA (the 'special' - 1/2 lb cheeseburger)
Driving up to Springer Mt parking lot via the forest service roads from GA 52

Found USFS maps - detailed PDF - http://www.fs.fed.us/conf/maps/