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TJ aka Teej
08-10-2007, 08:09
ALDHA Companion trips are always fun, I usually mix a bit of Companion in whenever I hike/visit my sections, but last week was an intentional do-it-as-a-worktrip-fer-ALDHA excursion. OK, so it involved eating breakfast at Shaws, lunch at Lake Shore House, supper at Spring Creek BBQ, a jam session at the General, about 15 miles of AT, hanging about in Baxter, and meeting abuncha great folks - man, the things I do for the Companion!
Monson is hopping this time of year, and its gonna get busier. Spring Creek is the kind of place that might shut down to go swimming - which they did for an hour or so. I chatted with the owners and staff at Lake Shore, and Rebekah and I re-wrote her 08 listing. Had lunch with Stick, Rookie, and Walking Stick '75 (mmmm peanut butter pie!!). LSH was full, so I checked in at Shaws where I met Butch Cassidy who had zeroed for 6 days waiting for his son the Sundance Kid. Sad news, the Kid blew a knee just north of Caratunk, and he and dad are off the Trail. Ran up to Greenville (Indian Hill and Hard Drive Café and some other in a monster thunder storm with giant lightning strikes and huge hailstones. Fun! The jam session at the General was hot hot hot as always. Five of us sat down for breakfast at Shaws the next day: Walking Stick, Butch Cassidy, late night arrivals Hot Hiker and Goddess Of The Mountaintop. Goddess launched into a three-by like a champ! Took Walkin Stick to the TrailHead and headed up to Baxter via the GoldenRoad. Linda's Store at Abol Bridge is one of my favorite places on the Trail, and it's always fun to hear her called a 'sweetheart' by so many different hikers! Ran into Dice and his crew hitching into Millinocket with their 2000 mile dog, hiked into Hurd Brook, ran into Dirty Blond, Back Bend, and Autumn Joy, all with fantastic attitudes nearing the end of their hikes. My pal Bluebearee (the new Trail Runner at Baxter for the MATC) hiked up as I was taking this pic of Autumn Joy: http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/vbg/showimage.php?i=17945 Bluebearee's a wicked strong hiker, glad she was heading in my direction, cuz I'd never've caught her! Into the Park and happen on daughter and Dad Peanut and Weatherman a-finishing a 100 Mile jaunt- if there was ever a Dad prouder of his daughter I've never met one, what nice folks! Long post, isn't it? Also on this Trip visited BSP HQ, Jo-Mary Campground, the Forest gatehouses on Jo-Mary and KI, tried to find PopTart (the Gulf Hagas Trail Runner) and stopped by the absolutely hopping Brownville General Store. And.. I'll be back up thataway Sunday thru Thursday with Moose, doing more Companion stuff, camping at Katahdin Stream, climbing the Mountain and maybe the Owl, and watching the meteor showers. Life (as a Companion volunteer) is good!
your Katahdin Correspondent,

08-10-2007, 08:55
Great post!

08-10-2007, 09:08
Long post, isn't it?

No, not really. You just need to break it up into paragraphs so we can catch our breath!:D

08-10-2007, 09:18
Yes, indeed! There's just something about those NOBO thru-hikers who are fortunate enough to make it all the way to Katahdin.

Look at the pics of them; spend a few moments with one if you're unable to hike that hike yourself. It will make your day.:)

TJ aka Teej
08-11-2007, 20:30
There's just something about those NOBO thru-hikers who are fortunate enough to make it all the way to Katahdin.

One of the reasons I've really enjoyed having Baxter to write about for the Companion is playing with the MEGAs in the spring and meeting the GAMErs later in the year. I gave up Baxter this year to Bluebearee, who will be writing up the Abol Bridge and Baxter section for the '08 Companion. I know she'll add something special, as a 2000 miler and as the MATC Trailrunner!