View Full Version : Updating a Trail Journal - WHO ? HOW ?

08-11-2007, 07:50
I have read that it may be best to have someone "at home" take care of updating your on-line trail journal.

If so, how do most people get the info to the person updating the journal ? Phone, snail mail, e-mail ??

Or is it really better to type your own ?


Jan LiteShoe
08-11-2007, 09:24
I've used a Pocketmail device on several trips. It's a small screen and keyboard, and has a simple acoustic coupler that lets you send text over the phone. You have to subscribe to their service for the device to work. I haven't used it in awhile, but they wanted you to sub for a year; there was a three-month option.

I found it usedful to keep in touch with folks back home when in town. Rather than making ten calls, I could send out one email.

This is a courtesy for your transciber, who simply cuts and pasts on Trailjournals, or whatever. To ask a transcriber to decipher your wet, grimy, pasted-together handwriting and type it all in is asking A LOT. You may want to keep a written record for yourself; just don't ask anyone to post it. It's an enormous amount of work to transcribe hand-written text, a true labor of love.
I wouldn't ask lightly.

If you choose this PM option, be sure NOT to sync your home computer up with the device or you get tons of spam and it takes forever to download. A clean PM device should shoot out your stuff in 3-4 minutes tops, quicker than a phone call.

Things have changed and there may be other ways of getting your journal online now. This is just one option that has been commonly used.