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10-27-2003, 17:22
I hate to ask this question, but I've been away from the Hollow for a few years. I got to welcome in the new millenium there, what a great time! But after that I entered hardcore into the white collar world and haven't been back to see my old friend. Could somebody give me an update on what's been happening at the Hollow? Is Rusty's still open? Is Rusty doing OK? Thank you in advance of your assistence.

10-27-2003, 19:03
Rusty's still there. Currently in an Amish phase. Hikers still visiting but it's not quite like times of old.

The Hollow's for sale...here's a link to the real estate listing:


The Weasel
10-27-2003, 20:41
Although anyone who knows Rusty will understand that anything that happens is subject to revision - by Rusty - at any time he wants, he "closed" the HTH Hostel in '02 and made (I hope!) a ton of money at Trail Days selling his signs and a special limited edition T-Shirt. (If you want to see it on a belly that deserves one, look at the pic of me, in the Gallery here!). I am deeply honored that not only my shirt, but my sign ("Trail angels keep out! No slacking into the hollow!") is even autographed. What do they say?

"It don't matter!"

The Weasel

10-28-2003, 00:28
Yes, Rusty closed it to NOBOs last year, took a long-deserved trip west, then came home and reopened for SOBOs. It's been open since, and there are LOTS of new signs to replace the ones sold at TD '02. Some are inspired by his recent Amish affiliation.

10-28-2003, 14:16
The Hard Time Hollow was a victim of it's own success. Too many party hikers dropped in and turned the place into a 24/7 party instead of a respite for weary HIKERS. The Zaniness became the end rather than a means to an end, that being a couple days of decompression for hard working hikers.

The need for Rusty's has eased with all the many, many hostels that have opened up along the trail. It used to be that guys like Rusty were few and VERY far between, but it seems like every town has got a hostel now, and the services Rusty offers just don't seem that rare anymore.

When I was there Rusty was plum wore out. He was just DOG tired and broke, broke broke. Yet there were 40 hikers there begging favors, hanging out and making a lot of noise and mess. It was not a place conducive to rest, either for hikers or for Rusty. That was 8 years ago and I cannot imaging things have improved much.

Lone Wolf
10-28-2003, 14:30
Rusty brought it on himself. In the late 80s to early 90s he was all for the partying, making beer runs to town, staying up to wee hours, blasting music, shotguns and fireworks. It wasn't a place to rest during your hike. He felt thru-hiking was dumb and got hikers to stay at his place for many days and weeks at a time. No sympathy in this case.

The Weasel
10-28-2003, 15:25
I hated those guys who forced me to stay at their hostels, party all night, drink all day, and do strange things with flying tree squirrels (usually female). I didn't want to! They made me! I couldn't help it! My car broke down! PLEASE, BABY, DON'T SHOOT ME!!! (oops, there I go doing my Jake Blues imitations again...sorry...but it's the influence of all them evil hostel owners). Besides.....

"It don't matter."

The Weasel

Matt Pincham
10-29-2003, 09:13
Hey The Weasel.

Your 'It Don't Matter' approach sounds familiar. I'm reading a book about a mans trek across Borneo and it refers to the traditional Forest men taking this whole 'It Don't Matter' approach. Just wondered if you got your inspiration from the people of South East Asia by any chance?

Probably a long shot.

The Weasel
10-29-2003, 21:33

You have forced me to tell why, in this thread, I keep saying, "It don't matter..."

You're at the Hard Time Hollow, and you go up to Rusty and say, "I'm losing at poker." And he'll say, "It don't matter." "I'm out of food, Rusty!" "It don't matter." "Rusty! There is an asteroid going to hit the Earth in 9 minutes!" "It don't matter."

A very Zen approach to life. Of course...

It don't matter.

The Weasel

Lone Wolf
10-29-2003, 21:43
Oh Christ! Rusty is far from being a zen master.

The Weasel
10-29-2003, 22:23
Must one be a Zen Master to be a Zen Master? In fact, is it really possible to be a Zen Master if you are one? After all, what higher expression of Buddhism, what more elegant phrasing of the essence of Enlightenment is there than to realize that.....

It don't matter.

The Weasel
:D :D :D :D :D

This is a PS after I wrote the above. OK, if you think Rusty and his "It don't matter" mean he ain't no Zen Master, go to this link, and read it to the end:


Couldn't stop giggling when I found it a few minutes ago. Reminds me of my discussion (still here? Or lost?) about "the Buddha in my backpack".

Lone Wolf
10-30-2003, 07:09
Wow. Deep.:rolleyes:

10-30-2003, 10:12
So is it possible to be an "Amish Zen Master"? Talk about east meets west, and all in the Virginia backcountry too. Isn't that how religion's begin?
Just trying to keep in the conversation...