View Full Version : katadyn base camp water filter

08-14-2007, 22:23
has any one on whiteblaze used one of these filter:cool: neo


08-14-2007, 22:28
i used the earlier h20 amigo by ula gear but it had problems
ula now uses an upgraded version using same filter and hose
as the katadyn base camp:cool: neo


08-14-2007, 23:29
I bought this filter for my backpacking Merit Badge scout group. We love it! It's light and doesn't require any pumping (main feature!). Filters a little slower than a pump filter, but then again, we usually process several gallons at a time. That wears you out by itself. The bag holds 2-3 gallons. We like it because you can hang it filled on a tree branch. Gravity does the work (except for the boys who have to lug it full up from the creek). The boys line up and just let the thing filter into their bottles or pots. No real effort and less chance for us to spread germs around.