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08-15-2007, 10:05
(Which would include me! :D)

I saw this e-mail on trail forums. Sounds like a favorite book of mine from the AT: An Appalachian Trail Reader.

Funny, I've always thought this type of project would be wonderful for the PCT. Surprised no one has went forth and done it before.

Just passing on the info for anyone interested.


Send Us Your PCT Story
The editors of a new anthology on the Pacific Crest Trail are looking for submissions. Tentatively titled Tales for the Trail: The Pacific Crest Trailside Reader, this two-volume anthology will collect short excerpts from classic works of regional environmental writing as well as real stories from those who have hiked on the PCT. The heart of the collection, will be real trail tales, from real PCT section and thru-hikers, like yourselves. We are looking for stories taken from hiking the trail itself: tales of trailside humor or traditions, “trail angels” or "trail magic", or encounters with wildlife and wild weather; Stories of being lost, or found, of well-known trail hazards or favorite places to stop: From swimming in the granite-rimmed lakes of Desolation Wilderness, or soaking in Iva Bell Hot Springs in the central Sierra to the Seiad Valley “pancake challenge”. Although limited in number, we hope to include some images, both photography and illustrations, in the collection, and welcome original submissions for illustrations as well. We are looking for well-written pieces, and may require further revision or edit submissions that are chosen for inclusion. We are after a diverse range of pieces that reflects the wide range of experiences to be had along the length of the trail. These need to be real experiences, not fictional accounts, but should be crafted for publication and literary quality. Although the editors are unable to pay authors for their contributions, we hope that lovers of the PCT will enjoy seeing their words immortalized in print and relish the chance to bring a few trail-side experiences to those who haven’t witnessed the wonder of the PCT yet.
As long-time lovers and hikers of the trail, we believe that putting these tales in print will do much to promote the continued protection and careful management of the trail itself and the places it passes through. And as all PCT hikers know, the trail impacts us just as surely as we affect it; we hope these stories will share and convey that experience to others. Corey Lewis, author of Reading the Trail: Exploring the Literature and Natural History of the California Crest, has been hiking and leading University classes on, as well as building sections of, the California section of the PCT for over 10 years. Rees Hughes first walked the Washington PCT in 1981 with “Rocky” and “Pierre”. The threesome, now known as Team Geezer, has been walking the PCT as family and work allow ever since. We hope you will join us in this effort to bring some of the power of the Pacific Crest Trail to the people. Please share your stories with us and pass this call for submissions on to your fellow hikers and writers.
Please send your complete submission, along with a 1 page cover letter listing your complete contact information and describing, the precise place on the trail your story occurred, and your background or experience with either the PCT or environmental writing, to the editors as follows: - submissions should range from 1,000-2,000 words - art and photography submissions should be sent in jpeg format - put PCT Reader and your name in the subject heading of the email - attach your complete submission as separate document, in MS Word format - your cover letter may be part of the email, or a separate document, either is fine. - send written submissions to Rees Hughes rrh1@humboldt.edu - send art and photography submissions to Corey Lewis cll35@humboldt.edu