View Full Version : Kinsman Notch

10-28-2003, 23:26
I didn't find any suitable campsite between the Beaver Brook Shelter and several miles north of the Notch except one in the Notch itself. Just look for the No Camping sign about 0.2 mile south of NH 112 on the east side of the trail. Follow the side trail for about 0.1 mile. It was once a legal site as the remains of a privy would seem to indicate, but no more. Several very nice clearings and a stream near by.

10-29-2003, 07:17
That site just south of the Kinsman Notch parking lot was the location of the old Beaver Brook Shelter. It was removed in 1993 when the new shelter was built. The old site was frequently the site of local parties and took a lot of abuse.