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08-17-2007, 12:44
Found this info on another site and if you know anyone heading into this particular area for a hike, please pass this info along so as not to p**s of the landowners in the area. Thanks.

Grafton Loop Trail parking notice
Please be advised that all trailhead parking for the southern end of the Grafton Loop Trailhead is to be at the lot at the southern end of the previously existing eastern side. I stumbled upon the recently opened wester leg of the loop this week while on vacation. Set out for a quick morning jaunt today and since the western leg is only a month+ old figured I would grab a quick out and back to Stowe Mt. while the family slept in. I was unaware of any parking restrictions so I chose a wide shoulder near where the trail heads west from Rte 26.
I was just about to leave my car when a gentleman pulled over and explained that part of the negotiation for the trail on the western side of Rte 26 was that all parking would be at the lot at the southern end of the eastern leg (.7 miles north on Rte 26). He was very polite and after a chat he let me know that he owns a good part of the south end of the newly opened trail. I thanked him for letting the trail come into being and moved to the lot.
Since he asked me to pass this info along I am posting this message. The word from AMC has not gotten out about trail parking, and since the ability to continue use hinges on people abiding by parking (and camping) rules I hope people will play by the rules.

08-17-2007, 15:27
Sounds like proper signage may be lacking and people respecting the rights of private property owners is most important for this trail to be viable in the longer term.

There aren't many opportunities for longer circuits. It would be good to see more developed, but that takes money, manpower, cooperative landowners and respectful hikers who are informed.

08-17-2007, 16:04
Not to get off topic too far but this is what can happen (http://www.centralmaine.com/news/stories/021010bald_mou.shtml)when a landowner who owns mtns and trails to them gets p***ed off.
I was told that the guy was harvesting wood on his property and a hiker(s) gave him a bunch-o-crap for cutting his trees. He closed the trail for two years I think and it took serious negotiations between he and state officials to reopen it.
I was happy to be able to hike back in there this spring:sun

08-17-2007, 16:29
The A.T. was often threatened in years past because of hikers who didn't grasp the concept of private property rights. People who want to find fault with NPS should temper their comments when they must find fault as needs to occur sometimes.

Please, as you were. It's a good topic.

TJ aka Teej
08-17-2007, 16:55
Excellent info, thanks, Woodsy!

08-17-2007, 16:56
You can also park or spot at the Grafton Norch lot where the AT crosses Rt 26. The South end parking where the Grafton Loop Trail crosses Rt 26 is signed but they are smallish.

08-17-2007, 17:06
woodsy, I hope you also posted this over on Views from the top

08-17-2007, 17:36
woodsy, I hope you also posted this over on Views from the top
I have not been able to register at VFTT,( I could use an INSIDER reference:)). However, I got this info from there,lol.

And glad I did because am planning to hike "The Loop" or parts of it this fall.

Hope posting this info helps some to cut down on landowner/hiker conflicts until word and signage gets put out.

08-17-2007, 18:00
I have not been able to register at VFTT,( I could use an INSIDER reference:)).

I can help you out with that....

08-17-2007, 18:15
Gee thanks chomp, sending you a PM.