View Full Version : Mt Mansfield and the Long Trail Fest

TJ aka Teej
08-19-2007, 11:43
First, Moose's trail name is now Flash.
Moose...er, Flash had never been on the LT at all so I had planned on getting him up to Trails End and taking him to Canada. Stupid Weather Channel changed my mind at 3AM so we went to Mt Mansfield instead. The LT's highpoint had sideways weather with hail. I heard later up North was nice and sunny. After playing on the mountain we washed in a brrrrrrr-ook and headed down to Rutland, buying cheese and maple sugar candy from colorful natives. Pulled into the Fairgrounds about 2:15 spotted Jan Liteshoe setting up for a talk about the LT and her book which due to circumstances waaaay beyond my control (Flash) I missed! I heard later (from Jan) that it was wicked awesome and she was brilliant. We ate ice cream. Listened to wicked nice music. Had awesome banana and blueberry smoothies. Met up with AWOL and Liteshoe, Jester, RedWolf, BascomGrillMaster, ShortCut, MadHatter, CookerHiker, Stitches, IFergetWhoElseAtTheMoment, a bunch of currently hiking LT & ATers, and lots of nice locals and ATC/LT reps and trail crewers. Ate hot dogs, shared an 'interesting' egg and goat cheese sammich, and some tasty triangle-y things.
Hugged people, put the sun at our backs, and headed on out.
Stopped at Quechee Gorge to spit over the railing, Flash slept the rest of the way home.
Started re-reading Jan's book when I got home, fell asleep (no 'fence, Jan) myself about two weeks in.
I love days like that!


08-19-2007, 11:57
Thank you Teej for your report. I would have enjoyed attending, but I was where I always seem to be when the time comes for such events. The man known to WhiteBlazers as Shades of Gray needs to find a new job!

If you've never watched the sunset from Mt. Mansfield, it is quite a sight.