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08-19-2007, 12:31
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I found a digital camera today at the Velvet Rocks shelter outside of Hanover. I think it had been there a while, but there is no register at the shelter, there was only a note left for some people dated 8/2 and a newspaper dated 8/3. It's not a thru-hikers considering the pictures on it and the bag it was in, but I'm trying to post info wherever I can. In the bag was also a Washington D.C. metro card and tickets to the Space Center in Houston dated 7/23.

Anyone with info or who thinks it might be theirs (you'll need to describe the camera and bag), please contact me at melissa.j.hutson [at] gmail [dot] com, I'll be happy to send it back to you.

Thanks and happy hiking!

08-19-2007, 16:35
I read on Trail Journals that Gatorgump had lost a camera, dk where. I will go back and reread that post.

08-19-2007, 18:20
You're an upstanding gal, Mel.

The Weasel
08-19-2007, 18:22

What a grand thing you're doing. You might consider calling (email will get lost) the manufacturer to see it it was registered with them when it was purchased.

The Weasel

08-19-2007, 18:40
Sad that doing the right thing is considered something special these days.

But if its Gator Gump's, the "right thing" might not be so obvious :-?.

The Weasel
08-19-2007, 18:52
Actually, 'special' doesn't mean 'rare'. The world is filled with peole who do such things, every day. But it doesn't hurt to remind ourselves that it's special.

So you may not be unique, Mel. But you are special.

The Weasel

08-19-2007, 20:38
Thanks all for the kind comments. I looked at the pictures on the camera and there were some of the owners hiking that piece of the A.T. that were taken yesterday, so the camera hadn't been there as long as I feared. I called the Hanover police to see if anyone had phoned in looking for a camera but nobody had. They did request that I bring it in, so the police have it now. I'm hoping that if the people went back to look for it they don't just assume it's stolen and will call the police. I know that's what I would do and the officer I talked to said they do get a lot of calls from people who have lost things. I guess if it was me I'd hope someone would do the right thing, it's just how I was brought up. ;)

It's an interesting situation I've never found myself in. My husband and I debated a lot over it. He wasn't sure we should take it in case it hadn't been there long, he wasn't convinced it was "lost." I couldn't leave it there, however, I felt that the next people to come along and find it might not be honest, so if I took it at least I knew an effort would be made to return it. Either way, I'm really hoping the owners claim it.

08-19-2007, 21:37
I don't know if there is any way you could get ahold of the camera again. If you can it would probably be good if you could post one of the pictures showing the hikers on this post in case someone recognizes them.

08-19-2007, 22:18

I would also contact the Dartmouth Outing Club and let them know that you found a camera and turned it into the Hanover Police.

It's a good chance it belongs to one of those kids going to Dartmouth.