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10-31-2003, 00:34
Ok. I know I am new to all this computer stuff but this freaked even me out. I was trying to go to this trail place that everyone is talking about, I typed in trailplace.net and hit go. Now how do you think I felt when I came here when I did that. Thinking I must have done something wrong I did it again and bam here I was again. 3 is a good number for me so I tried again and guess what?....Here I am. I am also sitting here LOL.I am also wondering if there is Troll magic going on here?hehehehe...OH well I guess this is the site I came to first so I guess I'll stay because my computer wont let me to to this trailplace.net. Can't say I didn't atleast try and give Mr.Wingfoot's site a try.Anyone else having this problem??


10-31-2003, 00:51
try trailplace.com. But the AT gods are with you to have brought you here by mistake. I prefer this forum.

10-31-2003, 01:34
you are soooooo much better off here !!!!!!

10-31-2003, 01:54
It looks like someone has purchased the domain name trailplace.net and fixed it so that it forwards to WhiteBlaze. How funny. Wingfoot will love that. LOL

10-31-2003, 07:22
:-? :-? :-? :-?

squirrel bait
10-31-2003, 08:37
Sit, stay, learn............

Saluki Dave
10-31-2003, 11:36
If wingy didn't already know this, he will shortly. Do you think he knows any cheap lawyers?

10-31-2003, 16:26
Gotta love it ----

Hang around, Tink - you'll be infinitely happier here.

The Weasel
10-31-2003, 16:34
Cheap lawyers?

Well, he knows me. But I'm not THAT cheap.

The Weasel

PS: He would, of course, win. Trust me on that.