View Full Version : Anyone know Goldenboy?

08-23-2007, 13:45
I've been trying to catch up with the many hikers I met this year. I've been able to find most on Trail Journals.....alas, Goldenboy was a memorable character, and not to be found there. I'd like to see what he's up to. (I'm sure other names will hit my brain from time to time, and I'll ask about them too.) Thanks

Jack Tarlin
08-24-2007, 13:16
If it's the right guy I'm thinking of, he passed thru Glencliff a few weeks ago, after doing some TREMENDOUS work helping out at the hostel here (there were some major landscaping projects going on at the time). Great kid, I hope he's doing well.

08-24-2007, 15:50
That sounds like him. Had the right attitude all the way back in haiwassee.