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Chaco Taco
08-23-2007, 21:13
What are some good spots to Hike in late October and November in the Ga Nc TN VA sections?? Dreaming of cooler weather

Lone Wolf
08-23-2007, 21:15
right here in the damascus area. i'll take care of all your shuttle needs. free

little bear
08-23-2007, 21:33
hey man im up for some hiking in november, just let me know where you are thinking of going.


08-23-2007, 21:39
I am doing a short section hike over Thanskgiving weekend. We are hiking hike from Dicks Creek Gap to Winding Stair Gap.
then hopefully over Christmas week Winding Stair Gap to Fontana

Chaco Taco
08-23-2007, 21:49
right here in the damascus area. i'll take care of all your shuttle needs. free

Thanks man
How was your hike by the way??

Tennessee Viking
08-23-2007, 21:52
Pretty sure everything from Davenport Gap to Damascus will be a good one. Any of the ranges with balds.

Tennessee Viking
08-23-2007, 21:54
I hoping to do Dennis Cove to 19E, Iron Mtn Gap to Nolichucky River, or Osborne Farm to Damascus when weather cools.

08-24-2007, 13:20
McAfee's Knob/Dragon's Tooth

08-24-2007, 14:35
Early November is my favorite time to hike in the South. The leaves are gone, so there are good views from everywhere. No bugs, many fewer hikers, and terrific weather. It's cool enough for comfortable hiking, without being so cold as to require real winter gear. It's generally before deer rifle season, so it's potentially a little safer (though check your local hunting seasons).

Not sure how the water situation will pan out -- the mountains in NC are in a state of "exceptional drought" (I didn't know there was a category beyond "extreme drought," but it turns out that there is.)

Still, a great time to be on the trail.

08-24-2007, 15:25
Finally another cool weather fan. We are planning a hike in Dec. around the Standing Indian area. Last time I was there was in June of 2002 and was seemingly monsoon season lending no opportunity for those great views. We are also using this as an opportunity for a shake down of winter gear for the potential thru hike next year. Fingers crossed.

see ya in the woods

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