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Old Hillwalker
08-27-2007, 18:18
of the AT Corridor Boundary.

Here is a link to the new AT Corridor Monitor Blog. Volunteers welcome......big time.


08-27-2007, 18:30
My wife an I took the boundry workshop at the ATC convention. Then she called someone here in NY to tell them we'd like to be part of the boundry maintenance effort. We're waiting to hear back about the next work day here. It seems like a daunting task but somebody's gotta do it.

Old Hillwalker
08-27-2007, 19:01
After falling in love with bushwhacking as a boy growing up in Northern New Hampshire, I found being a Corridor Monitor a wicked lot of fun. ("wicked" is a Yankee term meaning wonderful) It's mostly like a big treasure hunt. Looking for the buried monuments using maps and location diagrams and not on any trail seems to satisfy my recessive "explorer" gene. (Explorer Gene was Lewis and Clarks main man on their journey just in case you wondered) The feeling that you are acting to protect our beloved Appalachian Trail is with you constantly while you silently slip through the woods. Quite often you can hear but not see hikers on the trail within the corridor. Just knowing that they are there as you are working brings me a feeling of great satisfaction. This is one of the best "intrinsic reward" experiances I have ever had:sun

08-27-2007, 20:43
Great name for your blog. I too, along with Janice maintain a section in Maine (the last 1.4 mi before you hit Monson and the wilderness-NOBO) and we also monitor the corridor. We enjoyed the monitor activity so much we have taken on another section just south of our maintenance section. It is a treasure hunt for the markers and the survey lines are like a huge secret. We have a ball and it gives us more excuses to stay at Shaw's. Where is the downside?