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08-27-2007, 19:55
I will be Hiking from Harpers Ferry to Amicalola Falls state park starting in September. I was wondering if there was an Atlanta Trail angel who might be able to help me if I do make it to Amicalola Falls state park. I will need to do laundry/shower and get to a Marta Station so I can get to the airport during the first week of December. Thank you, Pika email: rew_us@yahoo.com

08-27-2007, 20:30
Live in north Atlanta 40 minutes from Amicalola. May be able to help depends.

08-27-2007, 22:38
I'll be around. I work retail so I defenitely won't be anywhere :)

Speer Carrier
08-28-2007, 08:06

You didn't say if you are on a strict budget and therefor don't want to spend any money to shower, etc, and get a ride to MARTA, or you just don't know what options are open to you once you arrive at Amicalola Falls.

If you don't mind spending a little money, there are these options.

First, there is a lodge at Amicalola Falls. Latest one night stay costs $69.00 plus tax. You could shower, do laundry, sleep, and eat a meal or two there.

Second, there is a whole cottage industry in this area, catering to shuttles to and from the Atlanta airport from Amicalola.

A few of these people are:
Kelly Fields 706-635-6730
Sabin Wes Wisson 706-747-2671
Scott Dowling 404-363-3877
Dave Keller 770-993-5583

and finally, Josh and Leigh Sand 770-312-7342. These folks also run a hostel so you could kill two birds with one stone with them.

This information is from the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club of which I am a member. I am assuming the information is all current.

Good luck with your hike.

Speer Carrier