View Full Version : Cheap Silk Shirt: An Alternative to Petro Clothes

08-28-2007, 21:20
Well, I was at the thrift store the other day and found a nice button-down, short-sleeve silk shirt for $3.50. Thought I'd try it out as a backpacking shirt, since silk DOES have some of the wicking and quick-drying characteristics of petro-fibers, but WITHOUT the smell.

Tried it out on a 2-night weekend trip on the AT through Mt. Rogers NRA. Worked great, and NO SMELL. Despite the shirt being soaked along my back, I'd take it off at camp and hang it up for awhile, and it would dry out a bit. I put it back on when it was still "humid" but I had cooled down, and my body heat finished drying it out.

It worked so well, that when I was at Stein-Mart looking for a dress shirt, I saw some silk Hawaiian shirts that were 50% off. I got 2 styling shirts with a bit of floral "camo" at $17.00 each.

They weigh a bit more, but for me it is worth it, as I can hardly stand downwind of myself in the plastic-genre duds after a day on the trail, and 2 days turns me into a stankin' Pepe Le Piu!!

Any other "back to the future" ideas?

08-28-2007, 21:25
I keep hearing good stuff about http://www.wintersilks.com/ . I'm ordering some long johns for the cold months.

I have a couple of sport shirts from Dick's. My wife, does the laundry, said "You know, this shirt dries in about ten minutes."

08-28-2007, 22:26
I wear silk long underwear when I hunt. My buddy asks me last year if I want more clothes, as he thought I was too lightly dressed. When I told him I was wearing silk he got this strange look on his face...:rolleyes: I told him that just because he was a non-technical redneck, he should not make fun of me! :D I may have also said something about him not being secure in his manhood, but I forget...