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08-28-2007, 22:36
Does anyone know anything about the hostel in Harpers Ferry that is new this year. A northbounder told me its 30 bucks per night. Any info would be great. (Its not the one in MD)

Quasi from the corner computer in the Doyle bar. I've been here since 11 AM and only ran up a 14.50 bar tab. (not for a lack of trying) SOBO 07

08-29-2007, 19:28
From the ATC Trail Updates:

(SERVICE UPDATE) New Hostel in Harpers Ferry (`07 Companion pg. 118) - Opening soon: The Town's Inn Mountain House, located at 175 High Street (near The Outfitter). One hostel room with six bunks, $35/bunk. Three private rooms sleep two (or more) each, $80/room. All guests have kitchen privileges. (Posted 07/03/07)