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08-29-2007, 22:02
When I section hiked Vermont a couple of years ago I blue blazed around Stratton Mt after loosing a crown, ( getting old isn't for sissies! ) and I'm planning on a trip up there in a few weeks to pick up that piece of trail. I'd like to find parking and access that will allow me to go over the mountain and return on that same bypass. Anyone reading this familiar with that area? Is this viable? Can I park somewhere near enough to one or the other junctions to make a day hike out of this? Any information will be much appreciated. Elray from the State of Ohio.

08-30-2007, 00:21
Real easy. You can park right at the base of the mountain -- there's a large lot at the trailhead. Climb up and over the mountain, take a break at Stratton Pond (on the summit, too!), then take the relatively flat and easy blue-blazed Stratton Pond Trail, which is probably the trail you blue-blazed on. If I recall, there's a sign right near the shelter at the turn-off for the trail. Then, when you get out to the road, take a left and head down the hill on the dirt road to your car. I think it's about a mile on the road.

Or, park at the Stratton Pond trailhead and do the roadwalk at the beginning at the beginning of the hike instead.

I actually did this backwards last fall, but only because some other backpackers were just finishing up and gave me a ride up the hill to the Stratton Pond trailhead. It's a great hike in a beautiful area.

08-30-2007, 05:56
I appreciate the help, thank you.

08-30-2007, 13:19
The trailheads are located on the Kelley Stand Road also known as the Arlington-West Wardsboro Road. It might be best to drive up from the Arlington side, park at Stratton Pond Trail's trailhead and begin your hike there.

Stratton isn't a hard climb by A.T. standards. If you feel up to it, climb the firetower on Stratton's summit. Unless you feel uncomfortable with such things, you'll be glad you did.:)

Swimming at Stratton Pond later in the day after your climb might be an activity that would appeal to you. I wouldn't think the level hike out to your car would take more than 90 minutes. It could be put off until late in the day if you so choose.

08-30-2007, 18:01
My wife and I hiked the AT from northern MA to southern VT earlier this month, which took us over Stratton Mt., and I can second what the others have said.