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11-03-2003, 10:24
So I thought I could start posting the daily recreation/mountain forecast for the Adirondacks/Greens/Whites. It could come in useful for any in the region wanting to hike out there this fall and winter. Since the AT traverses the heart of the region, I figure it could be considered on-topic. I won't be able to do it everyday, but I'll try to post when the forecast looks particulary relevant to those wanting to get out there. The following comes from these links:




2000 FT 40-50 Variable 5-10 mph
4000 FT 40-45 S-SW 15-25 mph
6000 FT nr 35 W 35-45 mph
Weather-- Today: Rain, drizzle and fog Adirondacks through Whites; showers likely Tacs and southern Greens through Monadnocks. Fog layers south. Tonight: Foggy. Periods of rain and drizzle, changing to freezing rain and sleet above 2000-2500 feet northern Adirondacks and northern Greens through Whites. Some snow possible northern Whites. Tuesday: Mixed precipitation changing to all freezing rain northern Greens/Whites between 2500-5000 feet, and back to rain above 5000 feet. Otherwise cold rain or drizzle, and fog.

WINDS ON LAKE CHAMPLAIN (National Weather Service Forecast)
Today: Becoming N 5-10 mph. Tonight: N 5-10 mph. Tuesday: N 10-15 mph, veering to SE at the same speed during the afternoon. Visibility occasionally dropping to 3-5 miles in rain today and tonight, and showers Tuesday.

Weather—Periods of rain and drizzle today and tonight. Showers Tuesday.

Special Discussion: A fresh wedge of polar air will arrive tonight behind a shortwave impulse in the northern branch of the polar jet stream. A layer of sub-freezing air will become established between 2000-6000 feet tonight. Tomorrow, daytime heating will push the base of the freezing level up 500-1000 feet, while a strengthening SW flow will erode the top of the sub-freezing layer. Be prepared for mixed freezing or frozen precipitation tonight and Tuesday if you plan any mountain hiking.

Higher Summits Forecast from Mount Washington Observatory


Forecast issued at 4:56 a.m. on Monday

WEATHER: In the clouds with rain likely.

HIGHS: Near 40°F

WINDS: West 30 to 50 mph

TJ aka Teej
11-03-2003, 16:45
I know you can't do an every day - but if you could swing a weekend forecast I know I for one would appreciate it!

11-03-2003, 17:00
If I have computer access on Fridays, I'll be sure to do it. Of course, everyone is invited to check out those links at any time. I'm just posting so it's conveniently here on the forum.

11-07-2003, 10:20
Mountain forecast for the Adirondacks, Greens, and Whites, issued Friday morning the 7th.


THE GENERAL FORECAST: Sunshine mixed with some clouds. A few flurries in the Adirondacks. Highs in the low to mid 40s north, and upper 40s to low 50s in the Champlain Valley and south. Winds northwest 5 to 15 mph.

MOUNTAIN FORECAST: The summits will be in and out of the clouds above 3500 feet with a chance of flurries. Winds from the west increasing to 10 to 20 mph at 2000 feet, 20 to 40 mph at 4000 feet, and 40 to 60 mph at 6000 feet. Temperatures in the 30s at 2000 feet, dropping to the 20s at 4000 feet, and falling into the teens at 6000 feet.

WINDS ELSEWHERE: Winds today from the northwest 5 to 15 mph. Overnight winds increasing to 10 to 20 mph. Winds tomorrow northwest 10 to 20 mph.

SIGNIFICANT WEATHER: The coldest air of the season is poised to arrive late tonight, bringing winter-like cold. Temperatures are likely to fall to the single numbers and teens on Sunday morning. Records for that date include 10 degrees in St. Johnsbury and Montpelier, and 12 degrees in Burlington, all set in 1971.

Higher Summits Forecast from Mount Washington Observatory

Forecast issued at 4:16 a.m. on Friday

WEATHER: Occasionally obscured by clouds with a chance of flurries.

HIGHS: In the 20s °F this morning, falling into the teens by afternoon

WINDS: West 20 to 30 mph early this morning increasing to 40 to 60 mph with higher gusts by mid-afternoon.

from these links: