View Full Version : The "hiking" criminal that people were looking for--any description?

Lion King
08-30-2007, 12:46
I have a question, Im not sure, but I just met a person who was getting out of a car-hitch at Walmart in Waverly, Ohio.

Any idea of what he looks like or what he was carrying?

He seemed very nervous when I aproached him to say hello. He may have been 45ish...maybe older, reddish beard with some gray in it, only a little.

Said he had been on and off the AT for the last few months or so, had a black Gregory pack, white coffee mug hanging off it, blue tarp tied to the side, camo short-pants, black socks, tennis type shoes, floppy white hat with signatures on it, a pair of tevas tied to the pack... Said he was hiking, yet didnt know where he was.

Said he had been in Maine this month and was traveling his way back home hitting concerts and shows as he went.

Maybe its nothing, but he seemed to avoid any questions about the AT when I started chatting about it, so if anyone has info on the person that was being hunted for...who knows?? Maybe this was him.

Maybe it was just a tired guy named Joe...thought I would ask though just in case.